Haley and her father are finally reunited.

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Panel 1

Haley: Nope.

Panel 2

Haley: Also, General Tarquin was just here and told us to tell you to tell us where you're keeping a prisoner named Ian Starshine, and then to never mention that you did to anyone else, ever.
Guard: But—
Haley: Oh, and your manual is a pack of treasonous lies being spread by, I dunno, let's say angry separatist muskrats.
Guard: Really? OK, then.
Clerk: Let's see... he's in Cell Block G, down the hall to the right, just inside the anti-magic zone.

Panel 3

The effects of the Potion of Glibness fade as Haley steps into the Anti-Magic Zone.
Elan: Uh oh, Haley! They'll raise the alarm if you step into an anti-magic zone!
Haley: It's not an enchantment, Elan. The magic is in my words, not their belief.

Panel 4

Haley picks the lock to Cell Block G.
Haley: Heck, unless this takes more than a half-hour, we should be able to fib our way back out, too.
Haley: Wait here at the door and whistle if there are any guards coming.

Panel 5

Haley walks in to the cell block.
Haley: Uh, hi! I don't suppose any of you know a prisoner named Ian—

Panel 6

Haley sees Ian talking to Belkar and Roy.

Panel 7

Roy: Haley? I thought I told you not to—
Ian: Haley?

Panel 8

Haley embraces her father, at speed.

Panel 9

Ian: Haley...
Belkar: Why is she hugging Crazy Old Prison Guy?
Roy: No clue.

Panel 10

Belkar: Blech. I guess vicious little parasites don't bother her anymore.
Roy: Yeah, we've all gotten used to you by now. But don't change the subject.

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  • The title makes a pun on the D&D magic item, Bracers of Armor +2. Bracers are armor worn around the forearm.

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  • This is the final appearance of the Reddish Lizardfolk Gladiator, and the Unshaven Gladiator. They both first appeared in #744.

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