O-Chul saves Vaarsuvius from Xykon by stealing back the phylactery. Already assuming their deaths, they contemplate a final chance to destroy Xykon.

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Panel 1

O-Chul snatches Xykon's phylactery, "snatch!", causing Xykon to release Vaarsuvius.
Xykon: HEY!

Panel 2

O-Chul picks up Vaarsuvius and runs
Xykon: What would your fellow paladins say if they saw you picking pockets to make ends meet? You know, if I hadn't murdered them.

Panel 3

Monster In The Darkness: Oh, man, this is really tense! Run, O-Chul, run!
Demon-Roach #1: Yeah, you BETTER run!
Demon-Roach #2: Roach-killer!

Panel 4

Xykon: OK, seriously, I'm starting to get a little annoyed here. Bring the phylactery back, and I'll let you keep two organs of your choice.
Xykon: Act fast, this offer is for a limited time.
Xykon: Another Meteor Swarm.
O-Chul evades the meteors, dropping Vaarsuvius.

Panel 5

O-Chul: Get up! GET UP! Head for the hole in the wall!
Vaarsuvius: I hope... I hope you were not relying on me to provide us with a magical escape.

Panel 6

Vaarsuvius: I have no flight spells left, much less any teleportation.
O-Chul: Don't worry, escape had not really crossed my mind.

Panel 7

Vaarsuvius and O-Chul stand at the hole in the wall of Xykon's tower, looking out on a vast open gulf between the tower and the Rift.
O-Chul: Though if you have any spells that will increase my range with a thrown object, now would be a good time to cast them.

Panel 8

Blackwing appears, "pop!"

D&D Context Edit

  • Xykon once again relies on Meteor Swarm as his go-to offensive spell. In this case he seems to have missed O-Chul with the meteors themselves, leaving he and vaarsuvius to make their Reflex saves to take 24d6/2 damage.

Trivia Edit

  • The the title refers to the common proverb, "A bird in hand is worth two in the bush". The bird in this case being Blackwing.
  • This is Blackwing's first appearance since #440, a gap of 218 strips.
  • Blackwing popping into existence when he is remembered or needed is a long running gag in the comic.

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