Xykon and Redcloak find more than they were expecting.

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Panel 1

Xykon: OK, here's the plan:
Xykon: I decode the rest of the gate locations. You get the hobgoblins ready to move the moment I'm done.
Redcloak: I'm on it, Lord Xykon.

Panel 2

Redcloak: You there! Lieutenant guy! Report.
Hobgoblin: Sir! Legion One has completed all of your tasks and awaits your new commands.
Redcloak: Great. What I need next—

Panel 3

Redcloak: ...
Redcloak: Did you just say "Legion One"?
Hobgoblin: Yes sir.

Panel 4

Redcloak: What exactly constitutes "Legion One," then?
Hobgoblin: All 300 or so hobgoblins that live in this valley, sir.

Panel 5

Redcloak: In THIS valley?
Hobgoblin: Naturally, sir. Only the one legion can live here. The rest of your 87 legions live in the valley to the south, Supreme Leader.

Panel 6

Redcloak: The rest of...
Xykon: Show us.

Panel 7

Xykon, Redcloak and the hobgoblin are looking over a precipice into a valley where an enormous city is situated.
Redcloak: Oh my.
Redcloak: Sir, I think I may need a little more time to get the minions mobilized.
Xykon: I think I just had an evilgasm.

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  • If the other legions are of similar size to Legion One, Xykon's hobgoblin army would consist of 26,400 soldiers at this point, roughly in line with Sangwaan's estimate of 30,000 soldiers in #413.

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