Durkon informs Redcloak of his mission from Thor, and Redcloak reluctantly agrees to listen.



Panel 1

Redcloak: You're a bit outside your territory, dwarf. Did you come all this way to pay your respects to your countryman?
Durkon: I ain't 'ere fer tha tomb. Na directly, at least.

Panel 2

Redcloak walks toward Durkon.
Redcloak: Well, regardless: I don't know precisely what a dwarf's depth is, but I know you've wandered into something well out of it.
Redcloak: Run along before I need to waste a spell slot on you.
Durkon: Ain't goin' nowhere, Redcloak.

Panel 3

Redcloak: You…know my name?
Redcloak: Wait—you're the cleric. With the humans. You were in the dungeon in the end.
Durkon: Aye, I'm 'here 'cause—

Panel 4

Redcloak: Then they're here! If you think I'm going to let you stop me this time—
Durkon: Hold on, hold on! I'm 'ere ta talk!

Panel 5

Redcloak: Talk about what? What is there to discuss?
Durkon: Well we could talk aboot wha thar be ta talk aboot if'n ye just slow yer roll!

Panel 6

Redcloak: This is a trick. Some sort of diversion before an attack. It's the only thing that makes sense.
Durkon: I'm na gonna attack. I dinnae haf any weapons!
Redcloak: Neither do I. It means nothing.

Panel 7

Durkon: Look, I'm 'ere ta negotiate!
Durkon: Ya clearly haf goals yer tryin' ta accomplish an' I haf information tha might put everythin' in a different light.

Panel 8

Redcloak looms over Durkon.
Redcloak: Why would I negotiate with one member of one inconvenient party of adventurers?!
Redcloak: The only thing of concern you have to offer me is your own deaths, and frankly I'm not sure I'll feel like I earned the win if I don't handle those myself!

Panel 9

Durkon: Na, ye paranoid loon, I'm 'ere ta negotiate on behalf of me god, Thor!
Durkon: Did ya think ye were gonna threaten all the heavens an' na one o' the gods would send a mess'nger ta talk ye outta it?

Panel 10

Redcloak steps back, dweomer fizzling.
Redcloak: No…
Redcloak: I actually didn't.

Panel 11

Redcloak: I just was really expecting someone taller, with a halo. Maybe some feathery wings.
Durkon: An' I was expectin' ta go me whole life witout haf'n ta wipe goblin spit outta me beard, but life's full o' l'il surprises, aye?


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