A Reason to Keep Trying
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 500
Date published 1 November 2007
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"No Time to Lose" "No Cure for the Wedding Bell Blues"
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Roy seeks his father's help in scrying on the mortal realm, but realizes he may be better off without him entirely. Eugene takes this for reverse psychology

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Panel 1, Page 1

Eugene: What’s the matter, Roy? Got bored with the free sex and booze? Decided it would be more fun to come back and kick the old man around some more?
Roy: Yeah, here’s a tip: Playing the victim isn’t going to get much traction with me.

Panel 2, Page 1

Roy: At any rate, I didn’t skip out on eternal bliss and run down a mountain for—
Roy’s Archon: Nine days.
Roy: —nine days in order to resume our scintillating conversation.

Panel 3, Page 1

Roy: I came back so I could look down at the mortal realm. 
Eugene: Awww, did someone not get resurrected on schedule? Poor Roy!

Panel 4, Page 1

Eugene: Well, far be it for me to interrupt you. By all means, cast your gaze upon the living. 
Roy: Thanks, I will.

Panel 5, Page 1


Panel 6, Page 1

Roy: How come all I see are white fluffy clouds?
Eugene: HA!!

Panel 7, Page 1

Eugene: It’s easy, Son, it’s just like scrying.
Eugene: Oh! Wait! That’s right, you’re a fighter! And I bet they didn’t teach scrying in that Fighter’s College of yours, did they?

Panel 8, Page 1

Eugene: Well, it looks like you’re out of luck then, my friend. A shame, since it sure has been an interesting few months down there, yessir. 
Roy: *sigh* Roy’s Archon, can you help me scry on my friends?
Roy’s Archon: Umm…

Panel 9, Page 1

Roy’s Archon: Actually, lantern archons like me don’t have the power to form a scrying pool out of the clouds on our own.
Roy’s Archon: We just hang around and wait for a planetar or a deva to come down, then we watch over their shoulder.

Panel 10, Page 1

Eugene: Look, Dad, getting me rezzed is as important to you as it is to me, so help me look down and see why Durkon is dragging his feet. 
Eugene: Say, “please”. 
Roy: What? 
Eugene: Say, “please”.

Panel 11, Page 1

Roy: Please, Dad. Will you please help me scry the mortal realm? 
Eugene: No.
Roy: …What?

Panel 12, Page 1

Eugene: No.
Eugene: N.
Eugene: O.
Eugene: As in, “No, I will not assist you in scrying the mortal realm.[”]

Panel 1, Page 2

Eugene: You seeing what is happening won’t actually change any of what is transpiring, and thus isn’t at all relevant to me getting onto that mountain.
Eugene: Whether or not you know WHY you haven’t been raised won’t change whether or not you WILL be raised in the future.
Eugene: It’ll just satisfy your curiosity, and I don’t care one whit about that.

Panel 2, Page 2

Roy: Dad, I swear, knock it off and help me—
Eugene: Or what? You won’t destroy Xykon for me?
Eugene: Too late on that Bluff check, Son.

Panel 3, Page 2

Eugene: You made it crystal clear back in Shojo’s throne room that you felt morally obligated to tackle Xykon anyway, on account of him being such a threat to the whole world.
Eugene: So be pissed at me all you want, you’ll still do what I need you to when—or should I say, “if”—your soul and your body ever manage to meet up again.

Panel 4, Page 2

Eugene: You’re dead, Roy. Dead and gone. You have no say in what goes down there anymore.
Eugene: Which means unless Xykon graciously chooses to pop up here in person and allow you to make unarmed attacks against him, you’re useless to me.
Eugene: Or should I say, “Even more useless”?

Panel 5, Page 2

Eugene: In short, I’m done with you.
Eugene: Go back up the mountain and cry to your mother, little boy.

Panel 6, Page 2

Roy: You pathetic old—

Panel 7, Page 2


Panel 8, Page 2

Roy: No, you know what? Fine.
Roy: You do what you’ve got to do.

Panel 9, Page 2

Roy: I mean, normally, I would launch into a huge sarcastic rant, but obviously that isn’t the way to solve my problems, or I wouldn’t be dead at age 28.
Roy’s Archon: Actually, 29. Your birthday was last week.
Roy: You’re not worth the trouble. I’ll find someone else to help me.

Panel 10, Page 2

Eugene: Wait, so you’re just going to take it?
Roy: Looks like. 
Eugene: Don’t you want to get a few shots in at me first? 
Roy: Not really.

Panel 11, Page 2

Roy: Roy’s Archon, any chance of us finding one of those deva’s who’d be willing to help out?
Roy’s Archon: We can give it a shot, sure.

Panel 12, Page 2

Eugene: Hey! Get back here, you moron!
Roy: No.

Panel 1, Page 3

Roy: Why should I? I’m not going to change who you are as a person by shouting a few insults at you, no matter how clever they may be.
Roy: I used to think I could; that if I could just deliver the perfect retort, it would open your eyes a little.

Panel 2, Page 3

Roy: But if everything you’ve been through with Mom and Eric and Grandpa and the literal forces of the cosmos hasn’t made you want to be a better man, I doubt a one-liner from me is going to do the trick now.
Roy: You are who you are, and every time I stoop to the level of engaging you with another angry tirade, I’m a little more like you and a little less like Mom.

Panel 3, Page 3

Roy So, see you around, I guess.

Panel 4, Page 3

Eugene: Oh, I get it. You’re trying to trick me.
Roy: What? Uh, no, Dad, I honestly don’t want you to scry for me.
Roy: I don’t need the stress in my life. Uh, afterlife.

Panel 5, Page 3

Eugene: Well, I can play along, if only so that I can be there when your pathetic attempt at reverse psychology fails.
Roy: No, I really don’t want your help anymore. I’ll find someone else, really.

Panel 6, Page 3

Eugene: Listen to me, young man, you will stand there and watch as I scry for you and you will like it, because I am your father.
Roy: …
Roy: You do know that you don’t make any sense, right?

Panel 7, Page 3

Roy: OK, fine. If your ego can’t grasp not being crucial to everything I say or do, then go ahead and scry for me. On one condition.
Eugene: Name it.

Panel 8, Page 3

Roy: When I eventually destroy Xykon and you are let into the afterlife? You never go to Mom’s house there.
Roy: Not even once.
Roy: You can go anywhere else on the mountain, but not there. You disappear, and your family enjoys eternity without you.

Panel 9, Page 3

Eugene: That’s it?? Agreed.
Roy: Swear. For what it’s worth.
Eugene: I swear.

Panel 10, Page 3

Roy: I don’t know what’s more depressing: That you agreed so easily, or that I knew that you would when I proposed it.
Eugene: What’s that supposed to mean?
Roy: Don’t worry about it. Fire up the scrying pool, Dad.

Panel 11, Page 3

Eugene: You’ll need to concentrate on one person at a time to scry properly.
Roy: Let’s start with Durkon, then. I want to know why he hasn’t raised me yet.

Panel 12, Page 3

Eugene and Roy gaze into gap in the clouds.
Roy: Durkon… Durkon Thundershield… Durkon Thundershield… Durkon…
Durkon's voice is heard far below.
Durkon: …by tha power invest’d in me by tha gods…

Panel 1, Page 4

On the ocean, Hinjo's junk is decorated for a celebration. The other ships of the refugee Azurite fleet sail nearby. Durkon's voice rises from the deck.
Durkon: I now pronounce ye, “Man an’ Wife.”

D&D Context Edit

  • Bluff checks are required when a player tries to lie, feint in combat, create a diversion or deliver a secret message in the open.
  • Devas and Planetars are types of angles in the Good aligned astral planes.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first update on the affairs of the Azurite fleet since they left Azure City in #484, the final comic of the previous book, War and XPs.
  • Reverse psychology is a technique involving the advocacy of a belief that is the opposite of the one desired. Eugene can't understand that Roy is being earnest, and not employing this method.

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