Belkar arrives with a tortilla chips in a bowl and extra chunky salsa.

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Panel 1

Roy: Look, officer. I can't spend all day chit-chatting with you. My friend is up there fighting, I don't know, a giant bear or something.

Panel 2

Haley runs past the Chief and Roy being chased by Kitty.

Panel 3

Roy: Also there may be other issues that require my immediate attention.
Chief: I like your proactive management style, kid.
Chief: Let's go.

Panel 4

Roy: No offense, but you and your men should stay here, away from the battle. These are high-level villains here. Let my people handle this, we're trained professionals.
Roy: Well we're semi-trained quasi-professionals, at any rate.

Panel 5

Chief: All right, Greenhilt, we'll play it your way. Hold position people.
Roy: Julia, stay with the cops. V, you're with me.

Panel 6

Roy: Is the bear—
Durkon, still enlarged, whacks Leeky over the head, causing him to revert to his original form.
Roy: Uh, I mean the gnome—part of Nale's crew or not?
Vaarsuvius: Uncertain, but I surmise it to be so.

Panel 7

Vaarsuvius: So far, we have encountered no member of Nale's original Linear Guild, merely the gnome druid and his servants.
Roy: I fought Sabine inside, but she seems to have given us the slip. Again.

Panel 8

Roy: Hey gnome! There are two ways this can go down: the easy way or the hard way.
Leeky: Druids always pick the hard way; it encourages natural selection.

Panel 9

Belkar arrives eating some nachos, "munch. munch. munch."
Roy: Sounds like a plan to me, OK, gang, let's—BELKAR??

Panel 10

Roy: What—what are you doing out here? Where's Elan?? Did you leave him alone just so you could what? Get some potato chips?
Belkar: Relax.

Panel 11

Belkar munches on tortilla chips, "munch. munch. munch. munch."
Belkar: First, we were attacked by one of Nale's buddies, so I technically was protecting Elan.
Belkar: At least as well as I could with this curse.

Panel 12

Belkar: And second, they're tortilla chips.
Belkar holds up the tortilla chips to reveal Yokyok's head holding the tortilla chips.

Panel 13

Roy's face turns green.
Belkar: I also have salsa.
Belkar: Extra chunky, heh heh.

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  • This is the second instance of the running gag where Belkar turns the head of the Linear Guild kobold du jour into "something wacky".

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