Malack smacks down Nale with a Harm spell to the face, but near-death Nale manages to dodge the lizardfolk's follow-up quickened spell attack and Dimension Doors away before either Elan or Malack can stop him.

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Panel 1

Nale: Malack.
Nale: How's the family?

Panel 2

Malack: HARM.

Panel 3

Nale: Unnnh…I’m still…alive.
Malack: I’m not finished.
Malack: Quickened Inflict Moderate Wounds.

Panel 4

Nale: Crap!
Nale dodges Malack's touch attack with a "wooosh!"

Panel 5

Sabine: Naley! Are you OK?
Nale: No! No, I am not OK!

Panel 6

Nale: Two clerics is one too many, especially when that one is Malack.
Nale: Bail out and meet me at base.
Sabine: Nale, I’m not leaving you to—
Nale: Just do it, Sabine! I’m right behind you.

Panel 7

Elan: No way, Nale! I’m not letting you just waltz out of here!
Elan: I’m also not letting you tango, pirouette, or foxtrot out of here, either!
Sabine teleports away with a "POP!"
Nale: Next time, Daddy’s pet iguana won’t be around to save you.
Nale: Dimension Door.

Panel 8

Elan & Malack: NO!
Nale disappears through his Dimension Door with a "POP!"

D&D Context Edit

  • Malack's Harm spell should cause 120 hp of damage, with a save for half damage, as he is likely a 12th level cleric. This has the potential to leave Nale at 1 hp (Harm cannot take you to zero), and had Malack's follow-up Inflict Moderate Wounds (2d8+12 damage at level 12) hit Nale, he would have been killed.
  • While Sabine's innate Teleport ability could take her anywhere on the planet, Nale's Dimension Door spell is much more limited, allowing him to transfer to a location only within 500 feet or so, depending on his caster level.

Trivia Edit

  • When Nale asks, "How's the family?", he already knows. Nale killed three of Malack's children.

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