As the team makes for the docks, Elan finds a new lute.

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Panel 1

Hinjo, Elan, and Durkon emerge from the tunnel.
Hinjo: OK, this is the armory. The docks are about another half mile from here.
Elan: Durkon, turn your Darkvision off!
Durkon: Och, sorry, lad.

Panel 2

They look out over the burning city.
Hinjo: Look! The boat is still here!
Durkon: Aye, but we'd better be quick, else it'll leave—or worse, tha hobbo's'll get ta it 'fore we do!

Panel 3

They run out onto the street.
Hinjo: This way!

Panel 4

Elan stops in front of the window at a Music Shop.
Elan: Hey, look! A shiny new lute!
Kazumi Kato: Elan, come on! We need to hurry!

Panel 5

Elan: I lost my old lute in Cliffport when my evil twin brother knocked me out in an alley.
Kazumi: OK, but why are you standing here?
Elan: The sign on the door says, "Back in 15 minutes."

Panel 6

Kazumi: Elan, we don't have 15 minutes!
Kazumi: Just break the glass and take it!
Elan: That would be stealing! Like, in a BAD way!
Kazumi: Then leave the gold pieces for it!

Panel 7

Elan: Oooo! Good idea!
Elan smashes the glass window with his hand and takes the lute.

Panel 8

Kazumi: Didn't that hurt?
Elan: No. Dashing Swordsmen are immune to damage from shattered glass. It helps us make dramatic window entrances.

Panel 9

Elan: "Well, hello!"
Elan: Oh, hi, Mr. Lute. Say, would you like to come with us and be my new friend?
Elan: "I sure would, Elan! Let's go!"

Panel 10

Elan: Hooray! Our long luteless nightmare is over!
Elan: This is just like when Roy got his sword fixed!
Elan: Or when Haley got her voice back!

Panel 11

Elan: Or when Vaarsuvius was turned back into an elf.
Elan: Or when Roy was turned back into a boy.
Elan: Or when I got a new magic rapier. Twice.
Daigo: Will you stop pointing out the repetitiveness of the B-plots and hurry up?!?

D&D Context Edit

  • Durkon's Darkvision is a special ability of dwarves to see in total darkness. In D&D it does not produce blinding rays from the dwarf's eyes.

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  • Kazumi and Daigo are as yet unnamed NPCs.
  • Elan refers to U.S. President Gerald Ford's inaugural address after the resignation of Nixon, in which he says, "our long national nightmare is over...".
  • Elan lost his lute in #351.
  • Roy gets his sword fixed in #298 by the Azure city smith using the Starmetal he found in #188.
  • Haley loses her ability to speak intelligibly in #245 and gets her voice back in #393.
  • Vaarsuvius is Polymorphed into a lizard by a Green Hag in #176 and returned to their true form when Durkon casts Dispel Magic in #186.
  • Roy changes gender using the Girdle of Feminity/Masculinity in #234 and removes the belt after Durkon casts Remove Curse in #249.
  • Elan has his original rapier Sundered by Belkar in #17. He receives a new magic rapier from some random treasure that Haley finds in #28, and receives a second magic rapier as a gift from Julio Scoundrél in #392.

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