The dwarves try to escape, but Xykon shows up.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

Panel 1

Minrah: Ugh…I shoulda bought one of those full-visor helms before I went and made my face such a big target.
Durkon: We gotta get outta 'ere, lass. Ye still got yer own hammer, aye?
Minrah: Aye. I mean, yes.
Durkon: Then follow me.

Panel 2

Durkon and Minrah strike at the animated statue—"CRAACK! CRAACK!" The statue is decapitated.

Panel 3

The head rolls away—"bonk bonk bonk"
Durkon and Minrah run.

Panel 4

Oona: Oh, they are running. Are we letting them go?
Redcloak: We should probably capture them, actually. They could tell us where the paladin is. Or the other one with the green sword.

Panel 5

Oona throws a jar.
Oona: Okie dokie, Oona is doing the thing!

Panel 6

The jar crashes onto the back of Minrah's head—"KYEESH!"
Minrah: Aaaah!
Minrah: What the hell?!?

Panel 7

Minrah: Bugs?!? She threw bugs at me! Get them off!
Durkon: No time, sorry. If we can get outta thar line o' sight, I can —

Panel 8

Oona: Buzz, buzz, my little ones! Auntie Oona is being proud of you!
Redcloak: Unorthodox, but that should slow the one down. As long as the other isn't there to guide her. And we do only need one.
Redcloak: Disintegrate.

Panel 9

Durkon gets hit with the disintegrator ray—"ZZZZZZAP!!"
Minrah: Durkon!!

Panel 10

Durkon: …I'm fine. I'm OK. Come on, I got ye. We can heal on tha way ta—

Panel 11

Xykon floats up from the ravine, levitating Kraagor's statue's head.
Xykon: Huh.
Xykon: I was gonna get mad I missed out on finally knocking this dwarf's smug stone head off—
Xykon: —but looks like we've got some spare dwarf heads to work with.

D&D Context[edit | edit source]

  • Disintegrate is a 7th level spell in the Destruction domain for clerics. It is Redcloak's most frequently used domain spell. It deals 2d6 damage per level, to a maximum of 40d6 (Redcloak is believed to be at least level 17 at the time of this strip). Durkon would only take 5d6 damage if he made his Fortitude saving throw.
  • Swarms such as the bugs thrown by Oona have a Distraction special ability, causing anyone within the swarm to make a Fortitude save to avoid nausea.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first appearance of the swarm of bugs that Oona apparently keeps in a jar on her person.

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