Hilgya explains how she found Durkon, and the Order considers whether to let her join them.

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Panel 1

Kudzu: Gwah? Gwah!
Hilgya: Not now, sweetie. Mommy's making a dramatic entrance.
Elan: Hilgya?!? What are you doing here?

Panel 2

Hilgya: Loki sent me, in answer to my prayers.
Elan: That's great! We totally need a cleric.
Elan: No offense, Minrah.
Minrah: None, taken.
Roy: Wait, who is this? What's going on?

Panel 3

Elan: Roy, don't you remember? She was the nice one in the Linear Guild.
Roy: Oh, was she? I was in the gladiator arena for that whole battle.

Panel 4

Elan: No, before that.
Roy: I missed a lot of what happened in Cliffport, too.
Elan: Before that! She's OG LG!

Panel 5

Hilgya: Hey, I'm not associated with Nale anymore. That jerk left me behind in the dungeon, and I had to find my own way out.
Elan: It's OK, he's dead now, anyway.
Roy: I should probably be more suspicious of this, but I'm not going to complain if you're here to help save the world.

Panel 6

Hilgya: Save the what, now?
Roy: The world. That's why Loki sent you, right? Because he heard my pleas for aid at the Godsmoot?

Panel 7

Hilgya: Sorry, I don't know anything about that. I've been praying every night to learn the location of Thundershield, and last night Loki finally answered.
Roy: Huh. I guess he found a way to send help that wouldn't get the other gods mad at him.
Haley: Leave it to Loki to find a loophole in the rules.
Haley: Hey Hilgya, we just need to have a quick conference over here to discuss some strategy concerns, OK? Just like two minutes.

Panel 8

Hilgya: Sure thing. No rush. It's not like I would have been getting any sleep at this hour anyway.
Haley (whispering): OK, guys, here's the thing:

Panel 9

Haley (whispering): That baby is definitely Durkon's kid, right?
Elan (whispering): Oh, 100%. Absolutely.
Belkar (whispering): I can't believe that bearded bastard slipped one past the guardian.
Vaarsuvius (whispering): I wish to argue that none of you possibly have enough evidence to jump to this conclusion, but experience has taught me that only guarantees it to be the case.

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  • Minrah is a cleric, but not a very high level one, by her own admission. Hilgya is likely to be close to the Order in level, having been on a par with them at the beginning of the story.

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  • The title is a pun on the writing trope of a Callback.
  • In Panel 5, Elan mentions Nale being dead, being stabbed by their father Tarquin in #913 with his corpse being disintegrated by Laurin Shattersmith in #914.

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