Roy tries to handle Elan's nakedness, while Belkar has plans for Haley...

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Panel 1

Roy: OK, a shiny copper piece to the first person who can tell me why Elan is running around naked.
Vaarsuvius: Giant moth attack?
Belkar: Maybe a bad guy cast "Dispel Clothes"?

Panel 2

Durkon: Ah, well, methinks tha he thinks tha if he took off 'is clothes, he'd have a lower Armor Check penaltae.
Roy: Wow, that is such a stupid idea, I feel dumber just hearing it.

Panel 3

Roy: OK, where is the Streaking Minstrel? We've got to put an end to this.

Panel 4

Belkar: Really? Because I was kind of hoping we could talk Haley into it...
Roy: Are you kidding? I'm her employer!

Panel 5

Roy: If she gets back to town and tells all her colleagues in the Rogue's Guild about something like this, they'll slap me with a sexual harassment suit faster than you can say, "Protection from Law." Damn labor unions...

Panel 6

Roy: No, we need to get him to put his shortsword back in its sheath before she comes back from scouting, or I am toast.
Belkar: Ruin all my fun.
Belkar: Stupid p.c. PC's...
Roy closes his eyes.

Panel 7

Roy: Elan? Are you over here?
Elan: Hi Roy! I know you can't see me because I'm so good at hiding now!

Panel 8

Roy: Actually, I can't see you because I would rather poke my eyes out with a burning stick than open them right now. But hey, whatever.

Panel 9

Elan: Oh.
Elan: Well, um...

Panel 10

Elan does a cartwheel.
Elan: Hey, wanna help me practice my Tumbling skill?
Roy: Gaaahh!

D&D Context Edit

  • "Dispel Clothes" is a play on the names of various "Dispel" spells in D&D (such as Dispel Magic, Dispel Chaos etc.)
  • Protection from Law is an actual spell. It gives bonuses to a character when they are fighting a lawful creature.
  • Tumble is a skill that represents how well the character is at general acrobatic moves.
  • "PC" is a common acronym for "player character," which is the opposite of an NPC.
  • Copper pieces are generally the smallest form of currency in D&D (followed by silver pieces, electrum pieces, gold pieces and finally platinum pieces).

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