Redcloak lectures the Monster In The Darkness about popcorn and demon roaches. The MitD, of course, doesn't pay attention.

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Panel 1

Redcloak is wandering around in the darkness trying to find the MitD... who is eating popcorn and watching a crystal ball.
Redcloak: Ummm, hello? Mysterious creature-thing in the shadows?
Redcloak: Bloody darkvision, what good is it if it doesn't work in magical darkness?
Redcloak: Where the heck are you?

Panel 2

Monster in the Darkness: Over here. Watching the crystal ball.
A sound comes from the crystal ball, "squish!"

Panel 2

Redcloak: Geez, do you ever turn that thing off? It's going to rot your brain, you know. Try reading a book.
MitD: Uh huh.
Hilgya (off-panel, from the crystal ball): Aah!

Panel 3

Redcloak: Anyway, I noticed that there was a real mess in the kitchen. There's popcorn and oil and melted butter all over the place.
MitD: Uh huh.

Panel 4

Redcloak: And my keen senses also cannot fail to notice the large bowl of popcorn you are eating right now.
MitD: Uh huh.
Durkon (off-panel, from the crystal ball): Gaaah!

Panel 5

Redcloak: Some might be inclined to call that a coincidence, but not I.
Redcloak: If I've told you once, I've told you a hundred times: You have to clean up after yourself or it will attract more of those giant red demon-roaches.

Panel 6

Redcloak: Are you even listening to me? What are you watching on there anyway?
MitD: Hmmm?
MitD: Oh, I'm watching two dwarves have sex on Level Fourteen.
Hilgya (off-panel, from the crystal ball): Mmmm!

Panel 7

Redcloak looks horrified.
Redcloak: What???
MitD: It's pretty hot, actually.
Redcloak: Gah! My eyes!
Hilgya (off-panel, from the crystal ball): Oooh, Durkon!

Panel 8

Redcloak covers his eyes with his hands.
Redcloak: Ugh!! How can you sit and watch that—
Durkon (off-panel, from the crystal ball): nngh!

Panel 9

Redcloak peeks between his fingers with one eye.
Durkon (off-panel, from the crystal ball): That's.. that's good...

Panel 10

Redcloak openly stares.
Hilgya (off-panel, from the crystal ball): Oh yeah...

Panel 11

Redcloak sits down and helps himself to popcorn and 2 demon roaches appear.
Redcloak: Wow. You know, with those short stubby little bodies, you'd never think they had the agility to...
MitD: It's entertaining AND educational!
Demon Cockroach #1: Oo, baby!
Demon Cockroach #2: Yeah!

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  • As Redcloak notes, darkvision works in total darkness, but not magical darkness.

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  • This is the first appearance of the Demon Cockroaches.
  • The attribution of all but one of the lines coming through the crystal ball are only guesses. But Hilgya, and one can assume Durkon as well, are given appearances for this strip.

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