The Order of the Stick: Blood Runs in the Family is the fifth volume of the Order of the Stick, and includes their adventures from #673-946, with the first comic being dated in 31 August 2009.

The Order arrives at the Western Continent, uncovering government secrets and the past and recent actions come forth and makes things very complicated for the race to Girard's Gate.

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Plot[edit | edit source]

Save Room for Desert[edit | edit source]

The group buys what they need and want in Sandsedge, Haley buys desert appropiate clothing, Elan buys a Belt of Charisma, Blackwing buys diamond dust for V, and Roy buys some navigational tools. Haley intends to find a map to Tyrinaria with Elan, but can't due to kingdoms getting conquered, in a loop. When they leave, they fend off a group of slavers, Roy gets a Belt of Giant Strength as a reward and Belkar gets some spice.

Later, the spice attracts a giant Purple Worm, which they use to get to their destination. After some days of searching, they find a message from Girard, who reveals that it was a false location, and the message leaves a giant explosion. The Order later gets the plan of checking buildings on the conclusion that Girard's confederates have occasional trips for supplies and such. They leave, while Mr. Scruffy flees from a green scrying eye.

Detailed Summary[edit | edit source]

The group arrives at Sandsedge, the first stop of their journey, aiming to find what they need in order to venture into the Great Barren Desert as fast as possible.[1] Roy goes with Belkar to find a lead for what he needs for the mission, Haley, Elan, and Durkon hit the magic item tents in order to sell loot, and Vaarsuvius and Blackwing seek out a vendor of reagents and components to use for powerful spells.[2] Haley buys and changes into desert appropriate clothes and haggles with it a free dye for her lime green Boots of Speed, while Elan buys a Belt of Charisma.[3] Haley later ditches Durkon by leading him to a tree and begins to search for a map of Tyrinaria.[4] Roy gets frustrated as Belkar misunderstands his words for navigational tools and people.[5]

Meanwhile, Vaarsuvius attempts to control their composure, aided by Blackwing, but is finally baited into combat by a wizard after Blackwing gets distracted by a shiny bauble.[6] The wizard claims to give V a scroll with rare and powerful spells in exchange for mercy, he asks for V's name, and when he gets a answer he gives V the paper, but it's revealed to be Inkyrius' paperwork for suing V for divorce and full custody of the children.[7] Blackwing buys the diamond dust and a bauble.[8]

The story then cuts back to Haley, who's attempting to find Tyrinaria in a tent full of maps, but then the cartographer reveals that it probably doesn't exist anymore, saying that kingdoms usually get conquered by different countries in a cycle every year. They hide from Roy and Belkar,[4] Haley claiming because she doesn't want him to think that she will skip out to go find her dad.[9] The Order reunites, but while traveling with a caravan, it gets attacked by slavers.[10] Belkar gets caught in a net and gets taken to the leader Buggy Lou, but it turns out they're old friends. However, Belkar kills him after the slavers catch Mr. Scruffy for an apparent snack.[11] Roy jumps on a riding beetle and manages to save a number of people caught in a net, but gets stabbed and falls off after the job's done.[12] One of the people caught in the web is a kid, whose family give Roy a Belt of Giant Strength. Belkar receives spice as a gift (who struggles with the concept) from a spice merchant.[13] After leaving, Belkar consumes the delicious spice, and the spice lures a giant Purple Worm.[14] After Vaarsuvius charms the monster, the Order decides to use Belkar as live bait to control the worm in order to get to the gate faster.[15]

They arrive and after a few days of searching,[16] they finally find a pre-recorded message from Girard Draketooth,[17] who, intending the message for Soon Kim or "one of his fascist paladin lackeys", reveals that the gate is, in fact, not there,[18] and the spell detonates a large explosion.[19] The group decides to leave a message for Girard if he comes to scry.[20] The Order also decides to stay and search in case it is a double bluff, but night falls, coming to a dead end.[21] They decide to check the taverns, mage guilds, local thieves guilds, and brothels on the conclusion that Girard's confederates have occasional trips for supplies and such. They begin to leave, while Mr. Scruffy flees from a green scrying eye.[22]

Face the Nation[edit | edit source]

The Monster in the Darkness wants to know if O-Chul is safe, so he asks Tsukiko to find him. She initially refuses, but accepts after the Monster reveals that it is a half a ritual. Then, at a speech, Redcloak reveals that the remains of Azure City is now the nation of Gobbotopia, and that he is leaving with Xykon to search for the Gates. He makes Jirix the new leader.

The Azurite Resistance attacks the city prison, releasing 112 prisoners and killing 43 soldiers and 4 browncloaks. Tsukiko arrives and begins reanimating hobgoblins, to the dismay of Redcloak. MitD asks Tsukiko about O-Chul, but she refuses due to him being one of the enemies, and that he's unfindable due to Xykon's Cloister spell.

Detailed Summary[edit | edit source]

The Monster in the Darkness shouts "escape" and vaguely magic sounding words to a hobgoblin guard, attempting to replicate the teleporting spell he did on O-Chul in order to know if he is safe. The hobgoblin decides to leave to get back on work,[23] so the MitD heads to Tsukiko. Tsukiko declines in order to keep learning the Gate Ritual and explain it to Xykon. The MiTD angrily leaves and reveals that it is a half a ritual, which surprises Tsukiko, who happily decides to cast whatever spell to help him.[24]

A hobgoblin calls out to the MitD, who pulls him over to go pull a curtain for Redcloak's speech.[25] Redcloak announces Gobbotopia, its textbooks for education,[26] and him leaving with Xykon to look for the gates and him making Jirix the new Prime Minister.[27] Jirix tells his story about meeting the Dark One at his death and resurrection. When the speech is over he gets into a conversation with Redcloak about Xykon, and also mentions that the Dark One told Redcloak to not screw this up.[28]

An Azurite Resistance scout sends a rat to the main members of the resistance,[29] who attack the city prison.[30] They release 112 prisoners and killed 43 soldiers and 4 browncloaks, and possibly a hobgoblin couple. Tsukiko arrives and begins reanimating hobgoblins, to the dismay of Redcloak.[31] MitD comes back to Tsukiko and asks her to find O-Chul, who refuses because he's one of the enemies, and that he's unfindable because of Xykon renewing the Cloister spell every few weeks with him inside it. He leaves and hopes that the rain is helping O-Chul sleep.[32]

Farther, Sun, and Slaughter[edit | edit source]

The Order looks around towns to find Girard's associates to no avail. Haley buys some moisturizer with ylang-ylang. They meet up with V, and they are attacked by some bounty hunters, Enor and Gannji. The half of the Order is beaten and captured, yet Haley is able to get a message to Roy.

They are brought to the Empire of Blood's palace, where they meet Kilkil, Minister Malack who believes Elan to be Nale, and the Empress of Blood who may or may not want to eat them. They escape, but are stopped by the general, who reveals himself to be Tarquin, Elan and Nale's father. The half of the Order are made as royal guests in the Empire. Tarquin later reveals that he has information about someone with the last name "Draketooth".

Roy and Belkar find's Haley's message of Crystal's knife and Nale's bounty poster. They recognize Enor and Gannji as their bounty hunters due to Enor having ylang-ylang on his arm and their tracks Roy and Belkar found. They confront them, which turns into a big bar fight that get's the bounty hunters and Roy and Belkar arrested due to not having paperwork. Durkon goes to re-enter the city for paperwork.

Durkon casts 4 Sending spells to Roy, who tells him to find Kilkil to find the others. The Lawyers arrive, with the short lived trial ending with them pleading guilty to be incarcerated in the Bloodstone Correctional Facility until death. Durkon arrives to Malack, and they quickly become friends. Kilkil 'apparently' lost the paperwork (which was actually because of Tarquin) for the bounty hunters, and they are also imprisoned.

Durkon excuses himself to 'save' Haley and Elan, who reveal they're guests. V does a Sending spell and tells Roy about the information, Roy tells V to be good guests, get all info, and then jailbreak. Confident that the gladiatorial games are held on the weekend, it's revealed that there are mid-week gladiator games.

Detailed Summary[edit | edit source]

Elan attempts to butt into a conversation to get some information about Girard but weirds them out instead, and heads out to the next table.[33] Meanwhile Haley passes the Test of the Oscillating Doom to become a member of the Sisterhood of Aton. However, it turns out that they're just merchants that sell moisturizer with ylang-ylang as a ingredient. Haley buys 3[34] jars of moisturizer and leaves. [35] Haley walks with Elan and meets up with Vaarsuvius, who reveals that the mage's guild was less of a "guild" and instead a "collection of dilettantes who meet every Tuesday over lunch to discuss how 'totally awesome' it would be to learn 2nd-level spells."

While they're talking about whether they should wait for Roy and the others or go find them, Haley moves Elan out of the way of a Strength-draining poision bolt; it hits V instead, but the poison is neutralized by Elan.[36] They engage in battle with Enor and Gannji, with the bounty hunters gaining the upper hand due to V having no strength and being unable to move their body.[37] Haley slips away, but Elan gets knocked out by Enor's morning-star.[38] It's revealed that the bounty hunters believe Elan to be Nale and V and Haley to be their counterparts.[39] V stuns Gannji before he uses a teleport scroll, so it fizzles away, V yells "Starshine! Deliver to Greenhilt! Do you understand?" which Haley answers yes to. She runs into them and throws Crystal's knife into Nale's bounty poster, Haley manages to be caught, but Gannji believes that Haley's throw was a miss, and they teleport away.[40]

The group is brought to the Palace of Blood, where they meet Kilkil, who brings them to Minister Malack, where he believes Elan to be Nale, but is confused by him believing him to be the "lizgreaper".[41] They're brought to the Empress of Blood, where Haley immediately guesses that Malack is the real power behind the throne.[42] Haley and Elan manage to convince them that they are of no use, but it's still possible that they might be eaten.[43] Haley steals Gannji's military fork and stabs him with it while Elan confuses Enor. They carry V while Malack attempts to stop them with a Blade Barrier, which the Order passes through with injuries except for Haley.[44] Gannji and Enor decide not to go through it since they're not getting paid enough.[45]

The General arrives, bull rushing Haley through an archway. He tells V to cast Feather Fall, and they comply. The General now says since they used their only viable escape plan, he suggests that they return to the throne room, he gives Elan his word that no harm will come to them, but if they don't comply then he will not tell his men to leave her alive. Elan complies and the general tells them to capture her, unaware that Haley killed every guard already.[46] The General reveals himself as Tarquin, Elan's father, and a genre savvy person like his son.[47] Tarquin takes him around, telling the story of how he became the general (see Tarquin for more details). Gannji makes a Star Wars reference by jokingly trying to extort more money from the bounty.[48] Elan introduces Tarquin to Haley, and Elan would like to be guests in the palace. Haley initially disagrees, but V whispers that they can contact Roy via Sending if they tranced, so Haley agrees. Haley is cautious about Tarquin and trys to explain this to Elan, but he immediately gets distracted by the dinosaur stables.[49] The group settles into their room, and Tarquin reveals that his ninth wife, Penelope, has passed away to "mysterious circumstances." Haley reminds Elan of their quest, but he accidentally explains their secret quest to Tarquin, which Tarquin remembers someone named Draketooth, fitting Girards description. He decides to explain it after the festival. Haley realizes that Roy let Elan loose in the desert thinking that he'd trip over the main plot, and HE DID![50]

Enor and Gannji converse about their earnings and "yummies" in the same brunch room as Roy and Belkar. Belkar smells ylang-ylang and Roy seems to have found the poster and Haley's bow.[51] Belkar recognizes it as the same moisturizer on the poster and it's on Enor's arm. Roy attempts to talk to Gannji, but he says a codeword for Enor to blast him with his lightning breath, which knocks him into a warlock.[52] The warlock almost chokes and attempts to ray Roy, but he ducks and the ray hits Gannji. Enor threatens the warlock, but Roy slams him into a table, knocking drinks into two Empire of Blood soldiers. Belkar claims that it's still a small scuffle, so Mr. Scruffy knocks a bowl of maggots into a Soulknife. She and her Monk mate participate in the fight, which is when Belkar finally joins in the scuffle.[53] The guards finally arrive and subdue everyone. Gannji and Enor are arrested to the courthouse, while Roy and Belkar are arrested due to not having any paperwork.[54] Mr. Scruffy alerts Durkon by scratching the door, and he goes to re-enter the city to get paperwork.[55]

Roy and Belkar are in a holding cell. Durkon casts 3 sending spells, Roy tells him to break him out, but Durkon refuses, so Roy instructs Durkon to retrieve Haley and the others, telling him to use a sending to contact her. Durkon uses his last Sending to say that he prepared 4 Sending spells today.[56] Roy tells him to find Kilkil, rendezvous with Haley, and then find them. The Lawyers return, with the short lived trial ending with them pleading guilty to be incarcerated in the Bloodstone Correctional Facility until death for failure to produce ID.[57]

Durkon arrives to Malack, who quickly engages in conversation due to both being in an adventuring party, past or present. Meanwhile, Kilkil, who was brought to court for Gannji and Enor to show paperwork, lost it. It's revealed that Tarquin got rid of the paperwork due to trying to extort money from Elan's bounty.[58] Roy and Belkar are in the Gladiator Training Facility, and attempt to work together with the bounty hunters, but is refused.[59] Tarquin has a feast planned for tonight and Elan and Haley are walking through a hallway. Durkon and Malack are in the library but hears and sees them, and excuses himself to go get them, despite Malack inviting him for the feast.[60] Durkon Hold Persons the escort to rescue them, but Elan says they're guests. So they decide to back to their room to go discuss breaking Roy and Belkar out of jail.[61] They return and asks V to do a Sending spell to Roy. Roy decides that they should be good guests, get all information from Tarquin, then jailbreak. Belkar's mad about not being rescued immediately, but Roy is confident that they'll survive, all they have to do is sweat for a few days, as he believes that the gladiatorial games are held on the weekend. Meanwhile, a guard pastes posters of special mid-week gladiator games in the name of Elan, the bloodiest ever.[62]

Blood Will Out[edit | edit source]

The big part of the Order goes to the dinner, and are introduced to Polozius, Gourntonk, and Amun-Zora. Amun-Zora requests help for her city, so Tarquin dispatches 500 dragoons to join the battle. Haley lies about her information during the dinner due to her being skeptical of Tarquin. Meanwhile, two old men tell Roy how to not get in the fight schedule, saying the best way is to be average. V contacts Hinjo via Sending, who tells V that Redcloak is leaving "soon." While sparring, Roy relays the advice to Belkar, who immediately attacks other prisoners, getting on the schedule. Gannji pushes Roy into Belkar, and Roy defends himself by slamming down Belkar with his wooden sword, getting on the #1 spot on the schedule.

Elan goes on a tour with Tarquin, Haley and V release slaves, and Durkon researches Mass Death Ward with Malack. Haley gets her hair back with magical treatments. Later, as Elan and Tarquin go to the top level, Amun-Zora attacks Tarquin, claiming that he sent the Empire of Blood against her city; she is then arrested. At the top level, Tarquin explains his plan, while offhandedly mentioning his kingdom's name was previously Tyrinaria, and the two old men reveal their first names to Roy as Ian and Geoff.

Tarquin reveals Elan's welcoming surprise as men being lit on fire in the position of "Elan". Elan is horrified, and duels Tarquin, but ultimately loses. Tarquin spares Elan and tells his ultimate plan for his inevitable ultimate duel with Tarquin: if Elan wins, he'll be a king, but if he loses, he'll be a legend. Elan is horrified and tells Haley everything, and they rush to bring Haley's father.

Ian is happy when he first meets Haley again, but he argues with Haley about the Order and specifically Elan and Tarquin. He ultimately stays, but Haley tells Roy to bring him with them when they escape.

Detailed Summary[edit | edit source]

Elan wears his old outfit to the dinner, believing that nothing is more formal than a sash. Tarquin introduces him and Haley to Polozius, Gourntonk, and Amun-Zora. Amun-Zora requests help for the Free City of Doom, so Tarquin dispatches 500 dragoons to join the battle. Elan believes that Tarquin's a good guy about that, but Haley is still skeptical.[63] Durkon has accepted Malack's dinner invitation, Malack says that he doesn't eat the food due to having a special diet. Haley is still lying to Malack and Tarquin, but Durkon thinks it's wrong because Malack's been nothing but polite to him, so Haley pretends to be a worshiper of Thor and that she was converted by "Father Thundershield."[64] Haley gets severely drunk during the dinner, while Elan refuses to eat the food due to its horrific origins. Belkar steals bread from the other prisoners while Roy becomes friendlier with two old men.[65]

Belkar harasses the other prisoners[66] while the two old men tell Roy how to not get in the fight schedule, saying that the best way is to be average.[67] Vaarsuvius unsuccesfully tries to contact Draketooth and then Serini Toormuck with Sending, only being able to contact Hinjo, who said that Redcloak was leaving "soon." Haley drunkenly says that Elan would need 200-foot-tall flaming letters to see that Tarquin is bad news, and argues with Elan about him. She drinks Durkon's beer, while Elan orders another round.[68] While sparring, Roy relays the old man's advice to Belkar, who immediately attacks the other prisoners, getting on the schedule. Gannji shoves Roy into Belkar, so Belkar attacks him in order to look "mediocre". Roy slams down Belkar with his sword, getting put in the first slot, top of the list.[69] Haley wakes up and apologizes to Elan, but still believes that the country is awful and that Tarquin has his fingerprints over it. Elan walks to his tour of the city, meeting Amun-Zora, who quickly runs away suspiciously. V goes with Haley to release slaves from the palace.[70] Durkon researches a spell with Malack. As Tarquin and Elan go back into the palace, Tarquin explains himself and Elan's mother and why they split up, and he does some ominous foreshadowing.[71] Haley uses magical treatments to grow her hair back, and has sex with Elan.[72]

Tarquin visits Roy, impressed by his skills, he looks forward to the battle tomorrow. He takes off his helmet, and Roy and Tarquin recognize him as being related to Elan. Tarquin say that if he lives tomorrow, he'll try to see them being on the same team as the men under him.[73] Haley cuts her hair and she, Elan, and V arrive at the evening's procession. Polozius glares at V as they go up the steps.[74] Tarquin and Elan come up to the top level, where Amun-Zora attacks Tarquin, but he dodges her sword swings. Elan intercepts, and asks what happened. Amun-Zora answers that the Empire of Blood attacked her city, allowing the Empire of Tears to overrun the city by noon. Tarquin loopholes by saying he never said which side of the battle his troops would join.[75] After a bit of talking, Amun-Zora attacks Tarquin and manages to cut him, but until Amun-Zora can attack again, Elan intercepts it, thinking of it as a misunderstanding. Tarquin calls the guards and takes her into prison. Elan is confused about the situation.[76] Tarquin explains his plan to Elan (see Tarquin for more details); he reveals that one of the kingdom's names was Tyrinaria, while the old men reveal their names, Ian and Geoff, but do not mention their surnames to Roy.[77]

Elan attempts to say that Haley's father is in prison, but Tarquin surprises him with a distant formation of lights reading "Elan". He says they are escaped slaves who were crucified and set on fire. Elan remembers Haley's words about needing "200-foot-tall flaming letters" to see his dad is bad news and is horrified.[78] Elan argues with Tarquin about it and initiates a climatic duel with Tarquin.[79] Tarquin counters Elan's puns and they block each other's attacks..Finally Tarquin knocks Elan's rapier out of his hand.[80] Tarquin reveals that he has no interest in harming him, and says that he's still going to help the Order.[81] Tarquin says that he wants Elan to defeat him, saying that if he wins, he'll be a king, and if he loses, he'll be a legend. Elan is horrified and runs away.[82] Malack, Durkon, and V socialize, while Elan tells Haley everything[83] and they run to bring Haley's father.[84]

They use a Potion of Glibness to get into the prison,[85][86] and Haley rushes to hug her father.[86] Ian thinks that Roy and Belkar work for Haley and that she manipulated them in order to bust him out.[87] Haley argues with her father, and Geoff holds a shiv to Elan.[88] Haley argues with Ian some more, and Roy punches Geoff.[89] Haley argues with Ian even more, ending up with Haley getting angry with Ian and leaving him to stay in the prison.[90] Haley tells Roy to bring her father with him when he breaks out of there with Belkar.[91] Haley and Elan leave, but Ian rushes to the door and says if she mean't what she said, about screwing up her life. Haley, being outside the anti-magic zone, using the Potion of Glibness effect, says that he raised her well, because the potion only works on things that aren't true.[92]

Prize Fight[edit | edit source]

Elan, Haley, and V arrive at the arena, as they still are royal guests of Tarquin. Belkar is brought to fight Evisceratus, but Mr. Scruffy kills him by eviscerating him. Enor fights Gannji, and they mostly spend the fight making a plan. Tarquin orders the guards to shoot and kill them. Belkar, feeling pity, releases the allosarus, trampling the duo but body blocking them, and cracking Enor's wing bands, which allows them to fly away and escape.

Roy is brought to fight the champ, which he initially refuses to when he learns that he was brought in for public urination. However, he discovers that it is Thog, and begins to fight him. After a long, badass fight, with Thog becoming angry, Roy ultimately wins by using his own body to destroy pillars which causes rubble to fall on Thog. Tarquin is impressed, and offers Roy to come talk it over to maybe become a special operative, in exchange of crime amnesty and record deletion of him, Belkar, Ian, and Geoff.

During this, the rest of the Order realize that the Linear Guild is alive and knows they are there, and walk away in a arcade. Haley is turned into stone by Zz'dtri, and he reveals he also has a familiar, Qarr. V orders Elan to bring the shrunked and petrified Haley to Durkon and warn him. Yukyuk, who rides on Sir Scraggly is also there fighting against them. Blackwing figures out that Qarr is still working with the IFCC. V figures out that Zz'dtri configured his spells to specifically fight V, so V dominates Yukyuk to defeat him, but not before V is pushed into another (safe) plane. Zz'dtri is then arrested by the authorities. Blackwing drops Roy's Belt of Giant Strength onto Mr. Scruffy, who blasts Sir Scraggly.

Meanwhile, Elan encounters Sabine and Nale alone. Using illusions and surprising intelligence, he manages to get to Durkon. They, however, still get defeated, but Nale brags long enough for Malack to come over. Malack severly injures Nale, but he manages to Dimension Door away and Sabine retreats back to base.

With all these encounters done, the Order all meet up again. Ian argues with and insults Tarquin about his country, but before Tarquin can see the prison files on him, Belkar shoves into Kilkil, scattering the files into the air. Geoff and Ian jump off and flee to a abandoned Tyrinaria Border Patrol HQ. Tarquin tells everything he knows about Draketooth and the potential location of the Gate, and Haley figures out Girard's family is guarding the gate, and they suspect Nale knows about it and the location.

The party is given a flying carpet and they fly off. However, Tarquin knows that they are affiliated with each other. Tarquin sees the invisible Nale with his Ring of True Seeing, and with some death threats from Malack, Nale tells Tarquin everything he knows. Tarquin and the reluctant Malack join the Linear Guild, along with Kilkil and the released Zz'dtri.

Detailed Summary[edit | edit source]

Elan, Haley, and V arrive at the arena,[93] Tarquin arrives too and says that not coming wasn't really a option. He makes a speech about how today will be the best gladiatorial combat the people will see, making the people cheer. Elan also makes a speech about how people have binding chains on them and that it must be hard to have all hope be shredded, making the people dispirited and weeping.[94] Belkar is brought[95] to fight Evisceratus. Belkar mostly blocks and dodges, but Mr. Scruffy leaps out and disembowels him.[96] It's revealed that instead of Roy fighting Enor, it's Enor fighting Gannji.[97] Enor and Gannji mostly spend the battle working out a plan, while Elan pleads with Tarquin to just end it, which he does by ordering his men to initiate a crossbow barrage to kill them both.[98] Belkar, who was watching the fight and imagining him being forced to fight Mr. Scruffy,[99] sneaks out with Ian to release the allosaurus, trampling the duo but also protecting them from the crossbows, and eating guards.[100]

Gannji prys off the cracked bands on Enor's wings, who is then able to fly him to safety, and as they leave, Gannji throws the spear at Tarquin, barely missing his head.[101] Roy doesn't believe that Belkar released the dinosaur, to the dismay of Belkar. He leaves to fight the champ.[102] Roy refuses to fight the champ, believing that it's wrong that he's imprisoned due to public urination. But, when the binds are released, the champ is revealed to be Thog. Roy angrily takes his sword and prepares to fight.[103] Elan and Haley realizes that if Thog is alive, then the rest of the Linear Guild is still alive. Tarquin knows he worked for Nale but says that he couldn't kill him because he was a crowd favorite. Roy angrily fights Thog due to his horrific actions.[104]

Elan leaves with Haley, V, and Mr. Scruffy into the arcade stands. They discuss Nale, when suddenly Haley is turned into stone. It is Polozius, who removes his disguise to reveal he's Zz'dtri.[105] V shrinks Haley, and tells Elan to bring her to Durkon. Zz'dtri is impressed that V will face him alone, but reveals that the newest member, Yukyuk, who rides on Sir Scraggly, is here with them. Blackwing charges forward, but Qarr suddenly appears as Zz'dtri's familiar.[106] Roy realizes that the Linear Guild is attacking them, and argues with Thog about intelligence while fighting him.[107] While dodging Qarr's lasers, Blackwing realizes that Qarr is working for the IFCC, and that being Zz'dtri's familiar is a cover story, and flies away. Meanwhile, Sir Scraggly finds Mr. Scruffy. Yukyuk shoots him, ordering Sir Scraggly to kill him.[108]

Elan runs to the palace, having to show his paperwork to a guard. The guard asks "Dave" to show him around, but "Dave" grows wings and flies him up. Dave is revealed to be Sabine, who gives him a energy drain with her kiss. She brings him to Nale. Nale attempts to gloat but Elan gives him a migraine with his words.[109] Elan makes out with Sabine, which distracts Nale and her long enough to run away.[110] Elan climbs down the construction, while Zz'dtri has the advantage of preparing against V. Tarquin knows that they're fighting, but refuses to help in order not to lose more soldiers. Roy breaks Thog's tusk, making him enter a Berserker Rage.[111] Thog easily outfights Roy, Thog slamming him into walls and Roy's punches not making him even blink. Thog slams a giant piece of masonry into Roy.[112] Qarr attempts to make a deal with Blackwing: Let Qarr kill Blackwing, and Vaarsuvius won't be killed by anyone in the Linear Guild. However, Blackwing realizes that Qarr is making the deal because his advice is in his way, and maneuvers around his lightning.[113] Roy shoves an arrow into Thog's leg, giving him enough time to tell Belkar to escape and kick the Linear Guild's asses. He also is given a healing potion from Ian, which he also uses as a improvised weapon against Thog.[114]

Meanwhile, V realizes that Zz'dtri chose not just his spells but his character build specifically to defeat V, so V uses Invisibility to dominate Yukyuk, who has discovered Haley's Bag of Holding.[115] V holds Yukyuk, who shoots bolts at Zz'dtri, who is able to do almost nothing.[116] Elan fights Nale on a plank bridge, who believes that the Order followed the Linear Guild, who knows that they were hundreds of miles into the desert, from scrying. Elan loses his balance, and finds Amun-Zora in a cell, who is willing to kill him for protecting Tarquin. Nale jumps down, so Elan hides behind the door, unlocks it, and gives the sword to Amun-Zora, who thinks that Nale is Elan. Elan flees, delighted by the idea of the whole "identical twin thing" working in his favor.[117]

V defeats Zz'dtri, almost about to kill him but gains back composure. However, Zz'dtri uses the last of his strength to push V into what he believes to be the "Demiplane of Extremely Painful Torture",[118] and is then arrested. It turns out to be the Semi-Elemental Plane of Ranch Dressing.[119] Qarr teleports away to report to the IFCC. Blackwing grabs the Belt of Giant Strength, and drops it on Mr. Scruffy, who blasts Sir Scraggly into the arena. This makes Thog angrier, and he overpowers Roy, who was gaining the upper hand.[118] Sabine argues with Qarr about how the ambush is turning into a disaster. Amun-Zora has stopped attacking Nale, and Nale gives his Linear Guild card to Amun-Zora, hoping that she'll join. Sabine reunites with Nale and they go run after Elan.[120] Elan surprises Sabine with an illusion, and flees. But Sabine grabs Elan and puts him up a wall, planning to kill him to get the situation over with. Haley drops and becomes full size again, dropping on top of the Lawyers, who were talking to Durkon.[121] Durkon Holy Smites Sabine and heals Elan, who had dropped on the ground hard. Sabine flies Nale down, who uses Enervation on Durkon, draining his best combat spells. Durkon tries to use a Mass Death Ward, but it fizzles.[122]

Meanwhile, Belkar is in the arcade, finding Mr. Scruffy injured. He heals him with a healing potion.[123] Thog throws Roy up into the spectator stands, and then knocks the ground below him; they land in the arcades. Roy sees Zz'dtri arrested, and becomes more determined. He taunts Thog, using his own body to destroy pillars. Thog gradually becomes less angry, when Roy kicks him into the last pillar, and the rubble crashes down on Thog, ending the fight, Roy angrily shouts that's how he uses intelligence in combat.[124] Roy meets up with Belkar, who gets his stuff back. Blackwing tells them what happened to V, Elan, and Haley. They head to the palace, but then Tarquin intercepts them with guards. Tarquin is very impressed and says the fight was "totally badass". Back at the palace, Sabine and Nale avoid Durkon's lightning, and Sabine grapple Durkon. Elan's rapier deals nothing to Sabine, Nale believes that he has finally won, but is caught off guard by Durkon smiling. Sabine is surprised and Nale looks back, Malack is behind him.[125]

Malack hits Nale with a Harm spell, but before Malack can land the final blow, Nale Dimension Doors out of there and Sabine bails out.[126] Malack orders the guards to search the palace and to initiate the "Infiltration Protocol".[127] Tarquin asks if Roy would work for him as a special operative, but Roy is not interested. Tarquin tells him that if he talked it over, he'll grant him amnesty for whatever crime landed him here, and even expunge the record. He'll do it for Belkar and Ian and Geoff too. Belkar gives a cover story to Kilkil.[128] On the Brontosaurus Express, Ian argues with and insults Tarquin about his country. Before Tarquin can see the prison files on him though, Belkar shoves Kilkil, scattering the files into the air.[129] Ian and Geoff jump off, fleeing to the Abandoned Tyrinaria Border Patrol HQ. Haley is returned to normal,[130] and Tarquin tells them everything he knows about Draketooth (see Orrin Draketooth). Haley realizes that Girard's family is guarding the Gate, and they suspect that Nale knows about it. Tarquin sends Roy and Belkar with them, saying that if he comes back alive, they'll be given permanent positions.[131] Roy accepts, and the party is given a flying carpet.[132] Roy tells the Order that V is banished to another plane, and the Order leaves.

Tarquin tells to Malack that he knows that they're secretly working together.[133] Tarquin tells Malack cryptic comments about where Nale is, and when Malack finally says that Tarquin has a Ring of True Seeing, it's revealed that Nale is invisible, and he tries to flee.[134] Tarquin throws his knife into him before he uses Dimension Door, Malack attempts to kill him, but Nale reveals that he has more information.[135] He tells Tarquin about the gates, and what he knows about Draketooth. Malack attempts to kill again, but is stopped when Nale knows a person to do a ritual to control the Snarl. Sabine comes in to stop him, but Nale already said it.[136] Tarquin reveals that there's a rune that can be tracked on the carpet, telling them his plan. He brings Zz'dtri, but refuses to bring Thog because he's a loose cannon, and instead offers himself to join the Linear Guild as a replacement. With some talking, Malack is brought in on the team as well, as Durkon's replacement. The Linear Guild feel like they're missing something, and Kilkil flies in, as everyone stares.

All the Wrong Places[edit | edit source]

A hobgoblin finds Xykon's phylactery, and is escorted by a group to return it, but the Resistance intervenes. They return to find everyone in the headquarters killed by Redcloak and his monster mercenaries. Team Peregrine and Ho Thanh is killed, but Niu, the sole survivor, escapes, given the order of contacting Hinjo. Redcloak destroys the base with an earthquake.

Redcloak returns to his private study, to find a dead elder hobgoblin and Tsukiko and her wights searching through it. After some discussion about the other half of the Gate ritual, Redcloak orders her own wights to kill and eat her after she threatens to tell Xykon. The elder hobgoblin is revealed to be a metalsmith who recreated the phylactery. Redcloak puts his best buff spells on it and puts it in a fancy case, and gives it to Xykon. Xykon is surprised about Redcloak killing Tsukiko, but later hesitantly dismisses it. Before going to the Draketooth Pyramid, they make a pit stop to the Astral Plane in order to put his phylactery in a type of fortress there.

Detailed Summary[edit | edit source]

Many hobgoblins are ordered to search for Xykon's phylactery, in the ocean and in the sewers, in which a hobgoblin finds it in.[137] While the hobgoblins are returning to Jirix, an arrow strikes the hobgoblin in the head, the Azurite Resistance attacks the hobgoblins.[138] Returning to the headquarters, its revealed that the headquarters had been found out by Team Evil, and that everyone in it has been killed.[139] The Peregrine commander attacks a bearded devil to get to Redcloak, but Redcloak casts Implosion on him and is killed. He also kills the Peregrine Lieutenant. Ho Thanh tells a Resistance Leader to get to the flee, and a resistance member leads him to a secret tunnel. A pit fiend is at the end of the tunnel, and its revealed that the member was a Goblinoid Spy, who was poly morphed into a human and waited in a prison in waited to be rescued by the Resistance. The leader is ripped in half by the fiend, and the spy catches the phylactery.

The spy gives the phylactery to Redcloak, who tells him to wipe out the last few humans. Ho Thanh gives Niu a scroll of Sending and tells her to run away from the mountain as far as she can, telling her to contact Hinjo. Ho Thanh kills the spy, but is grappled by a Osmium Elemental. Ho Thanh trys to taunt Redcloak into fighting him, but Redcloak refuses, saying that he learned from O-Chul, he orders the Osmium Elemental, killing Ho-Thanh.[140] In a bonus comic in the book, Niu witnesses his death, jumping behind a banner of Redcloak's crossed out face, and then jumping through another tunnel. She slices a bearded devils neck, making him unable to speak, and then escapes.[141] Redcloak gives everyone more money in their paychecks, while the bearded devil try's to point toward Niu's escape route (unseen in the online version). Redcloak apologizes to the spy's corpse, saying that he can't resurrect him because of the exact details needing to remain between him and the Dark One. He earthquakes the HQ and Word of Recalls, while Niu climbs away, leaving with a tear.[140]

Redcloak returns to his private study, opening the door to be surprised with a dead Elder Hobgoblin. Tsukiko and her wights are revealed to be the intruders. Tsukiko comments that she killed the old-timer to get past the magical wards in Redcloak's room. Redcloak threatens Tsukiko, but she replies that she'll kill a hundred hobgoblins and tell Xykon she needed the bodies for research, asking if the Dark One will approve of that. Redcloak obliges, and asks what the hell she's doing in there, to which Tsukiko says that she's looking for something important, something he's hiding.[142] Tsukiko shows Redcloak the other half of the ritual, saying that she broke in and looked for it. Redcloak replies that the divine half is in his head, safe and sound, then asking her to leave. However Tsukiko says that she doesn't think what everyone thinks it does, saying that if the ritual controlled the Snarl, it'd have lines of Enchantment or Transmutation, but instead it has lines of Conjuration, saying that his big secret is out of the bag.[143]

Tsukiko threatens to tell Xykon, and asks Redcloak to tell her what the ritual is so that she can tell him. Redcloak says that it moves the Gate, allowing it to be shifted at a later time to another plane, along with the tear in space around which it has been built. The divine half allows controls of what plane the Gate arrives to the Dark One, rather than Xykon, so that the Dark One can threaten releasing the Snarl to blackmail the other gods to improve the lives of the goblin race. Tsukiko is surprised, and Redcloak says that's why he kept the secret from Xykon for 30 years. Redcloak orders the wights to grapple her and take off the ring that protects her from the Wight's draining touch. After some monologuing to Tsukiko, he gives her one final insult, before ordering the Wights to drain all the life from her, and devour her corpse. After the job is done, Redcloak tells them to devour each other and the last one to set themselves on fire. [144]

The Elder Goblin is revealed to be a metal smith, who recreated the phylactery. He takes it from his body and puts it into a bag, putting the real phylactery into a case and putting every spell on it. Xykon is choking Jirix about the lost phylactery.[145] Redcloak returns the phylactery to Xykon, who releases Jirix. After some discussing, Redcloak reveals that he killed Tsukiko.[146] Redcloak asks how Tsukiko got her hands on Xykon's half of the Gate Ritual, to which Xykon hesitantly responds no to. Xykon says they need to stop at the Astral Plane first, detailing how he put a "fortress-tomb-thingie" there, filled with a hundred spells and traps and alerts him magically if anyone tries to gain entrance. As they go through the portal, Redcloak waves goodbye to Jirix, saying that he'll contact him when they've established control of Girard's Gate. Jirix stomps on a Demon-Roach.[147]

Pyramid Scheme[edit | edit source]

At the Windy Canyon, V is brought back by Durkon and Belkar, and Elan gets a great idea but doesn't share it, claiming that it'll only work if kept secret. Navigating the canyon, the Order's spellcasters fails to find any shortcuts. They find a illusory wall and they find the invisible Draketooth Pyramid behind it. They dispel the illusion and Yukyuk triggers some of the traps on the staircase and Haley disarms the rest. In the cafeteria, they find the entire Draketooth Family dead, they search around and V finds a mural which reveals that the family was descendants from black dragons, the bloodline V ended. V flees deeper into the pyramid out of shock, and triggers a trapdoor-piston trap, hiding and knocking them out.

The rest of the Order finds confirmation that Kraagor's Gate is still intact from a monitoring device and Girard's body in a sarcophagus. Roy goes outside to see the Linear Guild firing a acid orb at them. It fills the entire room and another one hits, which kills Yukyuk. Tarquin disguises and imitates Thog, and solos the Order. The Order retreats into the pyramid. Malack reanimates the corpses of the Draketooth Family.

Roy makes a plan to ambush the Guild in a long hallway. V and Blackwing wakes up, and V almost puts their guilt aside, but a mummy falls in, and she retreats with Passwall. The Order puts their plan in action, ultimately causing the Guild to retreat, and with Sabine being banished back to her plane. Malack also gets separated from the group and is left descending into the pyramid alone. Meanwhile, V attempts to rationalize, but Blackwing gets them even more frustrated.

Detailed Summary[edit | edit source]

Camping out in a small cave on the entrance of the Windy Canyon, Elan worries that Nale will get to the Gate first before the Order does, but Roy disagrees, saying that they'll have the edge when they get the full party back. Roy reveals that he sent Belkar with Durkon to find V in the Astral Plane, due to his unmatched expertise in tasting ranch.[148] When they get back, V reveals Yukyuk shot Mr. Scruffy, to which Belkar makes him pay by making his still living body the base of his kittens litter box.[149] While discussing with Roy about Tarquin and Nale, Elan gets a great idea, but doesn't share it, saying that plans only work if its kept secret.[150]

Navigating the Canyon, Roy attempts to find a shortcut with his spellcasters, but it fails, the only thing that actually works is Elan singing.[151] Finding an illusory wall, the Order rushes through it to find nothing. Durkon sees the edge of something, to which V uses a Greater Dispel Magic to reveal a giant pyramid.[152] Yukyuk "searches and disarms" the traps[153] and Haley disarms the rest on the staircase. They enter the pyramid and go upstairs to find the entire Draketooth family dead, scarabs swarming the cafeteria.[154] The Order searches the place and think about who- or what could've killed them and how, while V sees a mural which reveals that the family was descendants from black dragons, the bloodline they ended.[155] V is terrified and runs away out of shock, descending into the pyramid, and accidentally activating a trapdoor-piston trap, knocking them out.[156]

Meanwhile, the rest of the Order is still surveying the pyramid. Durkon attempts to ressurect a Draketooth, but it fails, due to the soul believing Durkon to be a Paladin due to his alignment.[157] They try a Speak WIth Dead spell, but the best answer they get is that the rift lies between Girard's buttcheeks.[158] They attempt to look for it with Girard's statue, but there's nothing. Roy asks the location of Girard, to which the Draketooth replies "Beneath his own feet." Haley finds a hidden lever, to which it reveals the statue of Girard to be his own sarcophagus for his corpse. Haley finds nothing in the skeletons "dry crumbly assbone".[159] Roy decides to look for V, and goes outside, and sees the Linear Guild in the sky, a green orb coming at them.[160]

The acid fills the entire room, and another one hits, which kills Yukyuk. Haley is unable to shoot them, so they go outside to fight.[161] Malack uses Control Winds with some contempt to knock them off their magic carpet. Tarquin uses his armor's glamour to disguise as Thog, going as far to use his voice.[162] Tarquin solos the Order, easily fending off them, until he gets distracted by Elan doing nothing but singing, which gets Roy and Belkar to ambush him.[163] Malack decides to end the confrontation early with a Flame Strike, saying that its a waste of time. Roy is knocked out and Durkon heals him, so Haley backstabs Tarquin with Crystal's knife to get the Order to retreat into the pyramid. Haley spots and gets the Order to avoid a trapdoor, the same trap in which V is knocked out in.[164]

Malack berates Tarquin for "putting his family above his", Tarquin apologizes formally and he is forgiven.[165] Roy plans a ambush in a long hallway, saying that he wants to puts the Guild on the defensive.[166] Malack turns the Draketooths into mummies, with Nale organizing the Guild's positions.[167] V and Blackwing wake up, with Blackwing successfully convincing V to put their guilt aside, until a mummy that is knocked into the same trap says "your fault" which was repeated from Nale. V panics and casts Passwall and runs through it.[168] While the Guild walks and argues about traps, Tarquin feels a ambush and rushes ahead. Haley fires a smokestick arrow and Tarquin snatches it, causing smoke to disperse throughout the hallway.[169]

Nale gets slashed by a sawblade trap in the ensuing chaos and Malack gets separated by a airtight vault door. Durkon sneaks in through a wall and uses a holy word.[170] Sabine gets banished and Nale and Zz'dtri is deafened. Nale gets shot and attempts to retrieve his sword, when Belkar emerges from a trapdoor and attacks Nale. Nale attempts to use Suggestion on him, but it fails, due to him being affected by the holy word due to his alignment of Chaotic Evil.[171] Nale gets knocked out by Belkar and is almost killed until Tarquin throws Soul-Muncher at Belkar, using sign language to communicate to Zz'dtri to teleport them out of there.[172] Tarquin uses Keoghtum ointment to heal Nale and Zz'dtri and they prepare to fly back.[173] The Order moves on and plan on how they're gonna defend the Gate, and Hinjo gets a message from Niu about the events of the Resistance and Xykon.[174] Meanwhile, V attempts to rationalize, but Blackwing gets V even more frustrated.[175]

Life After Death[edit | edit source]

The Order encounters a giant door, covered by magical runes. Haley attempts to disarm it, but accidentally summons a giant hell-hound when disarming a rune. Belkar is forced to ride the hellhound as his knife is stuck in it, and it runs away. Belkar is separated from the Order, and encounters Malack, who easily holds Belkar. Malack decides to vampirize Belkar, but is stopped in time by Durkon, who casts Mass Death Ward on Belkar. Durkon refuses the offers Malack gives him, and they fight. Durkon seems to have the upper hand at first, but it quickly ends as Durkon is ensnared by Malack, and he dismisses Durkon's Mass Death Ward personal spell.

Malack kills Durkon, with his last wishes saying to leave the Order alive. Malack speeds up Durkon's vampirization with a spell, but leaves Belkar alive, releasing his hold on him. Belkar crawls back to the Order, who reveals that Durkon was killed. Sort of. Angry at Belkar's apparent lies, Roy gets extremely angry at Belkar, and even considers killing him, but soon realizes that Durkon indeed was now a enemy vampire. Roy loses his hope, but is forced to go on as Belkar tells him that Durkon's death was for nothing.

Vaarsuvius recovers when Qarr attempts to taunt them, and goes down further in the tunnels when they realize Qarr isn't stopping them from going back up. Meanwhile, the Order encounters what appears to be Xykon and Redcloak. The Order wins, but it's revealed to be a illusion. During a wedding, Elan realizes this and breaks himself and others out of the illusion, and also releases Belkar. Roy gets spirit back, realizing that he got to say goodbye to Durkon of some sort in the illusion.

Detailed Summary[edit | edit source]

The Order encounters 3 paths, in which the middle path is a large door, covered in magical runes. The runes are set to trigger if any one of them are disarmed, so Haley has to block the connections before disarming them. Haley uses Roy as a stool to start from the top, and accidentally arms a rune that summons a giant hellhound. Belkar sinks his knives into it and it runs off, him still hanging onto it.[176] They go down a slope, and Mr. Scruffy activates a trap, which shoots arrows into the hellhound, causing it to get sent back into the Nine Hells.

Belkar tumbles down, and doesn't know which ramp he came down from, as there are multiple. He hears someone in robes and believes its Vaarsuvius, but it's actually Malack.[177] They discuss for a bit, and Malack resolves that Belkar's life has little to him, and decides to kill him. Belkar attempts to 'halfling rage attack' him but gets Hold Person'd by Malack.[178] Malack begins to kill him, but realizes that Tarquin interacting with his sons manages to reflect onto Malack, and begins to bite Belkar into a vampire spawn.[179] This is stopped by Durkon, however, who uses Mass Death Ward to save Belkar.[4] The two talk and Malack tries to compromise, yet Durkon ultimately concludes they are enemies, and Malack accepts this as well, and begin to fight.[4][180] After a fierce battle between their spells,[181][182][183] Malack manages to grapple Durkon using his body. Durkon taunts him by saying that Malack can't do anything due to the Death Ward, but Malack uses a back door, the word "Xxzerkqei", and begins to bite and turn Durkon into a vampire spawn.[184] Before Durkon dies, his last wish is for his friends to not be killed, and that he finally gets to go home.[185]

Malack uses a spell the shorten the time that it takes for Durkon to become a vampire,[186] and respecting Durkon's last wishes, releases the Hold Person spell on Belkar, and leaves after Durkon sucks most of Belkar's blood.[187] Belkar crawls back to the Order and tells them that Durkon has been turned into a vampire. While Haley and Elan is shocked, Roy disbelieves him, believing that Belkar is lying so that he can laugh at them for caring. Roy almost decides to kill Belkar for it, but Haley manages to convince Roy that Belkar is telling the truth.[188] Roy loses hope, and almost decides to quit the adventure, but Belkar convinces Roy to go on after telling him that Durkon's death was for nothing if he decided to quit.[189] Meanwhile, Malack and Durkon return to the Guild, where they summon 2 fiends.[86] Qarr then teleports to V and Blackwing to taunt them.[86] After some threatening and conversing, V and Blackwing descends down into the tunnels.[190]

The Order is walking through a tunnel when they encounter Xykon and Redcloak.[191] They fight and Belkar and Mr. Scruffy gets killed and the Order almost gets killed before Vaarsuvius walks in and Forcecage's Redcloak, allowing Roy to use the Spellsplinter Maneuver and Xykon and kills him with a series of slashes. The whole thing is revealed to be a illusion, however.[192] The illusion leads into a wedding between Elan's mother and Tarquin.[193] During the wedding, Elan using his knowledge of stories, realizes that they are in a illusion, and manages to get Roy and Haley to snap out of it.[194] Belkar is trapped in a separate illusion and Elan uses the power of country music to snap him out.[195] Roy is still a bit depressed, so Elan reminds him of hope. Roy realizes that seeing Durkon in the illusion let him say goodbye, and gets more optimistic. He apologizes to Elan, to which Elan freaks, saying that they're still in the dream.

Obligatory Climatic Battle[edit | edit source]

The Order finds a large room with a smaller room in the middle, and then they hide from the Guild behind a illusory wall. The Guild finds a apparent message saying that the Gate was somewhere else inside the small room, and Malack doesn't rat out the Order, respecting Durkon's last wishes. The Order figures out that the large pillar message was in fact the hidden Gate, and Roy prepares to destroy it to stop from villains getting their hands on it. Vaarsuvius finds out Roy's plan in the service tunnels, and figures out that there are too many unknown variables Roy knows, and attempts to communicate with Roy by using a spell to create noise. However, V's plan is stopped by the IFCC, who uses their time to possess V's body by basically just putting V's soul in Hell for a time.

Roy destroys the gate, and the Order takes cover in Girard's sarcophagus before the explosion. The real Team Evil arrives and they prepare to finish off the Order. However, they are stopped by the Monster in the Darkness, who has changed by O-Chul's influences, saying that the real enemy was O-Chul, and that the Order was just a distraction. Team Evil leaves, not before Redcloak summons a giant Silicon Elemental to crush the Order, starting with Roy first. As Durkon, Nale, Zz'dtri, and Malack look on the Order fighting the Elemental, Nale kills Malack. With Malack dead, Durkon kills Zz'dtri.

The reunited Order kills the Silicon Elemental. Tarquin comes in with a large army, Nale following him. While conversing with Elan, Tarquin learns of Malack death as Nale taunts him with it, so Tarquin confronts Nale. Nale tells Tarquin that he doesn't want his help, so Tarquin kills Nale. Tarquin frames Ian Starshine for Gourntonk's murder by Jacinda, and he orders his army to kill the Order (except for Elan and Haley) after coming to the conclusion that Roy is preventing Elan from his heroic potential. Vaarsuvius is released from Hell and back into their own body, and proceeds to help the Order. The Order escapes on Bloodfeast the Extreme-inator. Tarquin convinces Laurin and Miron to help end the Order, and they give chase on another dinosaur.

After a series of events, Miron is forced to teleport out. and the Order seems done for, if it were not for the timely intervention of Julio Scoundrél, whom Elan asked for help earlier on the book. The Order gets on the Mechane, and have one last confrontation with Tarquin and Laurin. Laurin ditches out, and Tarquin is hanging off a handrail, with Elan having the choice to help him up, or leave him to fall. Elan, ultimately, chooses the latter after saying that Tarquin wasn't the real villain.

Detailed Summary[edit | edit source]

The Order finds the end of the hallway, and plan to enter another small building inside it when Belkar detects the Linear Guild from another hallway. They go into a corner, and Elan makes a illusory wall in front of them. It's revealed that the Guild had to go through another similar hallway with similar traps, but also managed to break through them.[196] The Order witnesses the Guild go into the building while Haley gets a Sending from an Azurite Cleric, warning them about the incoming arrival of Xykon.[197] The Guild enters the building, only find to see a supposedly dead end and false lead with a message on a pillar, as all spell casters use their spells to scan it to no avail. Nale angrily orders them to get back outside.[198] Haley tells the Order about the message, in which it is revealed that the Azurites were trying to reach them for 3 hours. As the Guild is running back out, Malack, with his True Seeing spell still active, sees the Order in the corner. He, however, respects Durkon's wish of leaving his friends behind and decides to not rat them out. With the Guild gone, the Order inspects the dead end. Haley and Roy realizes that it's a double bluff, and crack the pillar, as its shown to have lead sheeting to block divination on it. Roy tells his plan to destroy the Gate.[199]

As the Order discusses on the plan, V walks through the tunnels and hears their plans. However, Vaarsuvius realizes that there are too much unknown variables of the consequences of destroying the Gate, as the planet Blackwing saw in the rift could mean destructive results, and if anything they've been told is actually accurate. As Roy prepares to destroy the Gate, Vaarsuvius gains their attention by using a Bugsby's Hand spell to make a knocking door on the wall and yelling very loudly. But before the Order could check it out, the IFCC intervenes.

Into the Sunset[edit | edit source]

The Order recovers, and Haley convinces Roy that she can meet up with her father, and Roy promises to Elan to figure out what to do on Tarquin's empires after saving the world. Belkar starts to become suspicious of vampire Durkon, believing that he's a enemy in disguise. Meeting up with her father, Ian refuses to come with Haley, believing that he's gonna do some good this time. The bounty hunters arrive, but to recruit Ian for a rebellion leaded by Amun-Zora. Ian and Haley say goodbye, and Elan gives Tarquin his plan on defeating his father.

Geoff is revealed to be working under Bozzok, and Ian discovers this, holding him up to knife point. Geoff claims that he was doing it for Jiminy, who was death threatened when he attempted to leave the Thieves Guild. Julio leaves the Mechane to the Order and under command of Bandana Secundus as he is going on vacation. He also gives Elan his Chaos Sabre. Vaarsuvius reveals to Roy everything they know about the IFCC and the Snarl. Meanwhile, Laurin and Miron investigate the Snarl rift, Laurin sees the Snarl right before it attacks. Later, Roy gives some sort of inspirational speech, and it is revealed that Durkon is not actually Durkon, and instead a servant under Hel acting as Durkon.

Detailed Summary[edit | edit source]

With the threat gone, Roy comes back up and heals everyone with healing potions. Julio gives permission to Elan to use the Mechane at their disposal, and Roy gives them the destination of North. Julio tells Roy that the ship can get them there around 10 to 8 days.[200] Haley goes to Roy to ask for permission to pick up her dad, and Roy reluctantly refuses. Roy then promises to Elan to do something about Tarquin if they managed to save the world.[201] Durkon restores Belkar with all his blood back, but Belkar is still suspicious about Durkon, so in response, Roy makes a plan so that Durkon gets blood each day and restoring the donors back to health without any consequences.[202]

Later, Haley tries to convince her dad to come with them, but to no avail, as he believes that he and Geoff are gonna manage to do some good. Their conversation is interrupted however, when Gannji and Enor barge in. Haley prepares to fight, but the ex-bounty hunters claim that they want Ian to join them with Amun-Zora to defeat Tarquin. Ian accepts the invitation.[203] When Haley prepares to leave, Haley is still skeptical if she will be able to get back to him, still feeling a bit responsible for the downfall of the Azurite Resistance. Ian comforts her, and Elan comes to him for a secret plan for defeating his father, to which Ian is impressed with.[204] The Mechane leaves, and Geoff is shown using a Sending wand to contact Bozzok, as Geoff reveals to him that Haley is leaving to the North Pole, as Bozzok isn't concerned about Ian anymore. Ian barges in and interrogates him with a knife, believing that he was tipping off Tarquin's squad. Geoff reveals that he did what he did for Jiminy, his son. He explains that he and his wife Ivy agreed to do Bozzok's bidding in exchange for Jiminy to leave town, and Geoff was forced to keep Ian away from Greysky City. Ian apologizes.[205]

Bandana delivers a letter and a sword to Elan from Julio. Julio, in the letter and behind Elan doing a voice-over, reveals that he will be leaving the ship to the Outer Planes as Elan is on his adventure. Bandana has been given command, and that his Chaos Sabre will be entrusted to Elan.[206] Meanwhile, V tells Roy about the IFCC and their deal, and Roy tries to take it all in.[207] V considers departing, and Roy says that he wont stop them but won't recommend it. Roy tells V that thwarting the IFCC's plan is more important, but exclaims that they don't even know if the Snarl exists. Simultaneously, Laurin and Miron investigate the exposed Girard's Rift, as Laurin has used her favor from Tarquin to gain control of it. Laurin believes that the ocean inside the rift is able to support a new city, and peers inside it, seeing the Snarl. The Snarl suddenly emerges from the rift, and attacks.[208]

Julio leaves the Mechane, and Roy gives some sort of strange inspiring speech to the Order. Durkon is absent, however, as he has holed himself in the storeroom. It is revealed the Durkon is not actually in control of his body, but instead a servant to Hel. The High Priest of Hel reports to Hel that he will be able to arrive in the North in time to carry out her orders. He confidentially assures Hel that Durkon is powerless to influence their plans, as Durkon angrily struggles.[209]

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Abandoned Tyrinaria Border Patrol HQ
  • Mechane

Cast[edit | edit source]

The Order of the Stick

Pets and Familiars

Empire of Blood

The Vector Legion

Team Evil

Linear Guild



Other Characters

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Comic 673, "Too Slow"
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