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Comic no. 296
Date published 22 March 2006
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"Belkar Leashed" "Sword Speak"
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Roy tells each of the other Order members their favor, then goes to get his sword reforged.

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Panel 1

Elan: OK, gotta go! Hinjo is waiting for me outside!
Durkon: Aye, I need to buy me some scrolls myself.
Roy: Wait, guys. Before you all run off to explore the city. I've got good news for you.

Panel 2

Roy: Belkar isn't the only one I helped. In fact, I demanded one favor from Shojo for each of us.

Panel 3

Roy: Shojo's best clerics are going to examine Haley and try to figure out how to get her voice back.
Haley: Fgxwhlg gdga Y'j lyxh sz otwwlpwoyak ouglg ouyakl.

Panel 4

Roy: I got you access to the library of Shojo's personal wizard. You can copy as many spells as you like for free.
Vaarsuvius: Outstanding. Like an ideal gas, my arcane power shall expand to fill the vessel in which it is contained.

Panel 5

Roy: Durkon, I got Shojo to agree to send a messenger north to the dwarven home lands—specifically to the High Priest of Thor.
Roy: He'll carry a letter you write and will wait for a response.

Panel 6

Roy: With luck, by the time we defeat Xykon, you'll have premission to return home.
Durkon: ...
Durkon: Bless ye, lad.

Panel 7

Roy: Elan, I didn't really know what to request for you, so I got you this.
Elan: Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! It's—

Panel 8

Elan: A gift certificate?
Roy: Good for one favor from Lord Shojo.
Belkar: Wow, I guess it's the lack of thought that counts.

Panel 9

Elan: Thanks, Roy! What favor did you get for yourself?
Roy: I decided to share mine, actually.

Panel 10

Roy: She's a very special lady, in need of some tender loving care. I like to think of her as the seventh member of the team, realy.
Roy: She worked so hard helping me out, and she's long overdue for her reward.

Panel 11

Roy: In fact, I'm going now to give it to her. Later!
Elan: Awwww, that's sweet. He must be talking about Celia.

Panel 12

Roy is holding and talking to his broken sword, as he walks into a shop. The shingle over the shop reads, "MASTER SWORDSMITH", with a picture of a katana.
Roy: Don't worry, baby, we're gonna have you fixed up in no time.

D&D Context Edit

  • Wizard characters can gain more spells by copying other people's spells into their spellbooks.

Trivia Edit

  • The translation of Haley's line is:
    • Panel 3: Because even I'm sicu [sick] of traaslating [translating] these things.
      • The cypher has a double replacement for H and W, being both K/U and A/N respectively, or else it is written as above with the single replacement.

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