Breakfast of Champions
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 401
Date published 16 January 2007
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"Your Ship Has Come In" "Speaking From the Heart"
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For the other comic titled "Breakfast of Champions", see Breakfast of Champions (720).

Roy discovers the aftermath of Elan and Nale fighting.

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Panel 1

Rooster: Cock-a-doodle-doo!
Rooster's Stepson: You're not my real dad.

Panel 2

Roy: Oh man! That was just fantastic. I don't think I've ever felt more rested.
Roy: Hmmm, I can never remember if the big boot goes on the left or right.

Panel 3

Roy: I swear, between standing watch, nightly visits from my Dad, and my time with Celia, I can't remember the last time I got a full night's sleep in a bed.
Roy: Not that the Celia part was all bad.
Roy: Or entirely in a bed, for that matter. Heh.

Panel 4

Roy: OK, seriously, Roy, rest time is over. We've been dragging our feet too long, it's time we finally get something accomplished.

Panel 5

Employee #1: Joining us for breakfast, sir?
Roy: Absolutely.
Employee #1: Right this way.

Panel 6

Thog, Nale, Sabine are restrained. Roy has a concerned look.
Employee: Watch your step.

Panel 7

Belkar is restrained. Roy has a confused look.
Durkon: Hasn't tha Charm Person spell worn off Belkar by now?
Vaarsuvius: Yes. Yes, it certainly has.
Belkar: Mmrmmph!

Panel 8

Roy sees Haley talking normally, and is happy.
Haley: I'm glad I can finally speak again, so that I can tell you how good you look in your new clothes.
Elan: Really? 'Cause I had to steal them after I broke out of prison...

Panel 10

Haley: My gods, that makes them even hotter!
Haley kisses Elan, "smooch smooch!" Roy looks shocked.

Panel 10

Employee #2: Sir, we've checked three times. There are no magical portals under your bed that lead to an alternate universe where long-running subplots get resolved.
Roy: No, no, see, this IS the alternate universe. I need to find the way back home to the real world.
Roy: Actually, wait—never mind, stop looking.

Trivia Edit

  • The title also the title of the 1973 bestselling novel by Kurt Vonnegut, which itself is taken from the advertising slogan for Wheaties breakfast cereal.
  • This comic explains why Roy didn't get involved in the combat for the previous strips.
  • Durkon uses chopsticks to eat bacon and eggs, while Haley and Elan use chopsticks to eat pancakes. Pancakes are quite easy to pick up with chopsticks.
  • The summary shows that the team can still function without Roy, even though it will cause problems in the future.
  • Roy's boots are reversed in the last panel, as is the direction of the crown. Roy makes a reference to his different sized boots in the second panel. Which boot is bigger is actually used to imply perspective, depending on which way Roy is facing.
  • Haley's bow is visible in the third-to-last panel, but not second-to-last.
  • "You're not my real dad." is normally a reference used by adopted or step-children. Or a reference to the term 'Cuckolded', derived from the cuckoo, who lays an egg in another bird's nest.
  • The previous appearance of the Rooster was in #317, The Best Part of Waking Up. The Rooster is such a sell out, always appearing in strips titled with slogans from morning foods. This is the final appearance of the Rooster of Azure City and Rooster's Stepson.

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