Firuk Blackore tells the story of how Durkon was cast out of Dwarven Lands to forestall a prophesy.

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Panel 1

Tinna: Brewmaster Blackore, what's wrong?
Firuk: An' ye couldnar e'en stick around ta see wha ye wrought, could ye, Hurak?
Rogo: Ye should sit down b'fore ye get too worked up, sir.

Panel 2

Minrah: Wait, Thundershield... is he related to Sergeant Sigdi somehow?
Firuk: Aye, he is. Durkon's her son. 'E were exiled by High Priest Hurak almost 20 years ago, b'fore any o' ye joined tha church.
Roy: Yes, that's him! That's who we're trying to stop. Well, his body, at least.
Roy: I don't really understand all the details myself.

Panel 3

Firuk: So 'e's finally back ta doom us all. Just like I knew he'd be. I warned ye, ye old fool!
Roy: Why don't you just start from the beginning, and tell us everything you know about Durkon?

Panel 4

Firuk: Aye. It all started wit a prophecy.
Roy: I already do not like where this is heading.

Panel 5

Flashback to the temple, 20 years ago.
Firuk (inset): One day, a priest o' Odin came ta visit Hurak an' told 'im 'e'd foreseen somethin' terrible aboot young Durkon.
Priest of Odin: When next he returns home, he will bring death and destruction for us all.

Panel 6

Firuk: In order ta try an' prevent tha—or at least delay it as long as possible—Hurak had Durkon exiled from dwarven lands.
Firuk: 'E gave 'im express orders ta never return witout permission, an' 'e knew tha lad would obey.

Panel 7

Haley: That's how Durkon was sent out?!? That's terrible!
Vaarsuvius: Indeed. Little wonder no recall order was ever given.
Elan: I just thought they, like, lost his dwarf paperwork or something!

Panel 8

Roy: This is... wow. Durkon always wondered why him—what he did to deserve being cast out instead of some other dwarf.
Roy: And now it turns out the answer is, "Nothing." His life was exactly as unfair as he always feared it was.

Panel 9

Vaarsuvius: There is a certain unfortunate logic to the decsion, given the limits of High Priest Hurak's knowledge at the time.
Roy: Sure. He couldn't imagine Durkon, they physical body, returning without the consent of Durkon, the man who would never disobey an order.

Panel 10

Roy: What gets me is that he never just told Durkon what was going on.
Firuk: Aye. I always thought tha lad deserved ta know tha truth.

Panel 11

Roy: It's not even just that! You've met Durkon!
Roy: I'm pretty sure if you'd told him it would help innocent people, he'd break his leg trying to boot his own ass out the door!

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  • This is the final appearance of Hurak, late High Priest of Thor, first appearing in #1007.
  • This is the only appearance of the Priest of Odin. He also appears once in On the Origin of PCs – in two panels, one of each was redrawn for this page.
  • Firuk's hair is a lighter color in this strip than in the previous one, an inconsistency which is repeated in #1152.

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