The combined team splits up to find the three sigils, as Xykon and his minions watch from afar.

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Panel 1

Haley: This sucks. Now I have to adventure with a bunch of skeezy losers.
Belkar: Yeah, I feel the same way every day of my life.
Yikyik: Shut up. I'm tryin' to listen.
Belkar: Make me freakshow.
Nale: OK, now according to the ancient texts I've studied, the mystic Talisman of Dorukan is protected by three magical sigils, one representing each of the classical elements.

Panel 2

Vaarsuvius: Are there not FOUR classical elements?
Nale: Yes but apparently there were budget issues towards the end of dungeon construction. Water got cut out entirely.

Panel 3

Cut to the Fire Sigil in flames above a salamander
Nale (off-panel): Each rune is at the end of a dangerous stretch of dungeon which is thematically tied to one of the elements in a dreadfully clichéd manner.

Panel 4

Cut to the Air Sigil in the sky above a great green bird.

Panel 5

Cut to the Earth Sigil underground above a Xorn
Nale (off-panel): Each of these magical sigils needs to be touched at the same time in order to open the path to the talisman. So obviously, we need to split up.

Panel 6

Belkar and Yikyik begin fighting each other.
Nale: Elan, Durkon, and Hilgya come with me to find the Fire Sigil. Roy
Elan (interrupting): Wait, did you just pick me first??
Nale: Ummm, yes
Elan: Roy never picks me first.

Panel 7

Roy: Yeah, that's not coincidental. OK, I guess I'll take Thog and the Psychotic Midget Patrol here for the Earth Sigil.
Nale: Which leaves Haley, Sabine, and the two elves to find the Air Sigil.
Vaarsuvius: Very well.
Elan: This is going to be so cool! I wounder if Xykon is even gonna know what hit him!

Panel 8

Cut to Xykon and his minions scrying on the adventures
Redcloak: Master, they're split up. I humbly suggest we scry on the leader.
MitD: No! I wanna watch the little guys fighting!
Xykon: Minions, minions, Lord Xykon has it all under control.
Xykon uses a remote with a "click!"

Panel 9

MitD: Ooooooooooo, picture-in-picture!
Xykon: We can also watch it in Spanish
Yikyik: ¡Oye, creo que me falle de notar algo!

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  • The Spanish sentence uttered by Yikyik can be roughly translated into "I think I failed a spot check".
  • The elemental dungeons, with one being uncompleted due to budget issues, are a possible reference to the Swordquest series by Atari. The fourth and final Swordquest game, Airworld, was canceled due to the Video Game Crash of 1983.
  • Elan was picked last in #2.
  • This is the first appearance of the Salamander of the Fire Sigil, the Big Green Bird of the Air Sigil, and the Xorn of the Earth Sigil.

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