Celia explains what she is doing in the same dungeon as Xykon.

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Panel 1

Nale is tied up and gagged on the floor.
Haley: I think this is a little overdue, don't you, Nale?
Nale: Mmmmph!
Celia: That jackass was responsible for everything?
Roy: Afraid so. Can you think of any specific reason he'd want to kill you?
Belkar: I believe "jackass" was mentioned?

Panel 2

Celia: As employees, we were magically shielded from any attacks by the monsters he was trying to control.
Roy: From what I've learned, just being able to ignore his new Cosmic Mojo would be reason enough for Nale's ego.
Belkar: See also: "jackass".

Panel 3

Roy: But tell me: Why is a good fey like you working for Xykon?
Celia: Xykon?? The creepy dead guy? Ewww! I don't work for him.

Panel 4

Roy: Huh? I thought you worked here.
Celia: I do, but not for him. I work for Dorukan.
Belkar: The guy who made the Talisman?

Panel 5

Celia: And the castle, and the dungeon. Everything.
Belkar: He might want to sue his contractor. Stuff keeps breaking.

Panel 6

Celia holds a legal pad and a stapler.
Celia: I'd pass that along, but he disappeared about 6 months ago. But I've got a one year contract, so I've mostly been making personal calls and swiping office supplies.

Panel 7

Cutaway to Xykon and goblins moving into the castle. The goblins hold boxes labeled "This side up" (being held upside down), "Magic Tomes", and "DVDs".
Roy (off-panel): So Xykon just took over?
Celia (inset): Pretty much. Showed up a few months ago with a couple hundred minions. He took over the corridors and rooms, but left all the vaults alone.

Panel 8

Cut back to the party.
Roy: Vaults?
Celia: Where the old wizard locks up his artifacts. Like this place.

Panel 9

Elan: Hanging around a dungeon all day sounds like a pretty crappy job.
Celia: Well, you know how it is. You get out of school, go on a few interviews, but they all ask:

Panel 10

Flashback to Celia seated in an interview with a djinn.
Djinn: So, do you have any actual work experience manipulating the primal elemental forces of the Wind?
Celia: Well, ummm...

Panel 11

Cut back to the party.
Celia: This was the only crummy job I could find in this economy.
Belkar: I know EXACTLY what you mean.

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