Roy and Haley discover that two of the Gates remain operational. Meanwhile Durkon is unsuccessful in resurrecting a member of the Draketooth family because of his alignment and their stubborn suspicion of paladins and their enforcement of orthodoxy.

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Panel 1

Roy and Haley enter what appears to be a library or study in the Girard's pyramid.
Haley: Hey Roy, what do you make of this thing?

Panel 2

An object like a pie with five colored wedges each with an initial of a member of the Order of the Scribble surmounted by a floating orb. Three of the orbs are black, while two are yellow and wreathed in flame.
Roy (inset): Lirian, Dorukan, Soon, Kraagor, and Girard.
Roy (inset): Shojo mentioned that each gatekeeper had some kind of monitoring device that told them whether or not the other Gates were intact.
Roy (inset): We can get the casters to run some divinations, but my guess is that's what we're looking at.

Panel 3

Haley: Then Girard's Gate is still intact—and so's Kraagor's for that matter.
Roy: Looks like. But just because it's still functioning doesn't mean it isn't being corrupted as we speak by whatever new villain killed these people.

Panel 4

Cutaway to Vaarsuvius and Blackwing lying unconscious at the bottom of a pit.

Panel 5

Elan: Guys, Durkon's almost done casting!
Roy: OK, we'll be right there.

Panel 6

Back in the dining hall, Durkon is scattering diamonds on the corpse of a Draketooth.
Durkon: Resurrection!
Haley: Last chance. Ten gold.
Roy: Alright, alright. You're on.

Panel 7

Durkon: ...
Durkon: Och, I dinnae know why tha spell na be workin'.
Haley: Pay up.
Roy: *sigh* How did you know?

Panel 8

Haley: Easy. Girard is like my dad.
Elan: Your dad is a tattooed illusionist?
Haley: Close. My dad is a paranoid fool who will suffer just to spite someone.

Panel 9

Haley: And Dukon, unfortunately, just happens to have the same alignment as a paladin—
Roy: —and the Resurrection spell telepathically tells the dead person's soul what alignment the caster is.
Haley: Exactly.

Panel 10

Haley: Girard was as worried about Soon and his paladins as he was about outside invaders. It stands to reason that he taught his family the same way.
Haley: So just like my dad was willing to rot in jail before he let Tarquin's son help him—
Haley: —a lot of these people will be willing to stay dead rather than let the Sapphire Guard raise them.
Haley: They died so quickly, they probably don't know they're all dead.

Panel 11

Durkon: But tha be ridiculous! Soon an' 'is paladins were good guys! Thar be no reason to be suspicious o'em at all!
Haley: I don't know. I mean, Lawful types do have a tendency to try to make everyone else think the same way they do—or else.

Panel 12

Durkon: Tha's absurd. Lawful folk do na do tha, Haley.
Roy: Yeah, so let's forget the crazy talk and focus on what we know is actually true.
Elan: Oh! I get it!

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  • Resurrection is a 7th level spell, more powerful than Raise Dead, it can restore life regardless of the condition of the remains.

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  • Ian Starshine refuses Elan's help due to his parentage in #771.
  • The title refers to the fact that Roy and Durkon are doing exactly what Haley says in panel 11 that Lawful types do. Elan is in on the irony.
  • This is the second and final appearance of the Draketooth with Armor from #841.

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