Vaarsuvius can cast Lightning bolt and generally has to shout it. (Not in Xykon's throne room)
While V is casting it a pink spellaura is around V's hands and multiple white, forked, lightning rays go to the target.
Later, a Quickened Lightning Bolt had yellow rays.
Xykon can cast something very similar. He shouts nothing. The aura around his hands is dark grey.
Xykon's Lightning kills three ogres.
It is normal for lightning to hit everything in a straight line.
Zz'dtri uses a green lightning like effect on a bridge in the dungeon of dorukan.

Celia has a spelllike ability to cast Lightning bolt. It's rays are white and quite impressive. While Celia casts it her eyes light up blue.

Samantha can cast Lightning Bolt (maximized!), which she has to shout and during which her eyes are purple and her hand is surrounded by a purple spell aura.

Durkon Thundershield has a special version, shouted but without somatic component "Thor's Lightning", during which his body is surrounded by a white aura.
Enor has a lightning bolt as breath weapon.

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