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Chaotic Evil

The blood of angels will flow like rivers, and we will gather around great dispensers of it to discuss the previous evening's televised entertainment!
  — Director Cedrik[1]  

Cedrik is a Demon Archfiend and one of the three directors of the Inter-Fiend Cooperation Commission. The first two letters of his name correspond to his alignment, Chaotic Evil.

The IFCC has three director members, one from each of evil types of Outsiders, Demons, Devils, and Yugoloth (Daemons). They nearly always have a common dialogue, each of them speaking a sentence or even a part of that. This makes it hard to determine who is who, though the color of their eyes sets them apart.

Word of God in Don't Split The Party (next to page 642a) informs the reader who is who. The orange is Cedrik, a demon, chaotic evil. Yellow is Lee, a devil, Lawful Evil, and purple is Nero, a daemon, Neutral Evil.

In the Soul Splice, Cedrik provided the Conjurer Ganonron, Terror of a Thousand Planes, with his Epic Teleport.

Cedrik college

As the demonic representative in the IFCC, one might presume that Sabine, a succubus and therefor a demon, would answer to him. Curiously, Cedrik notes that Sabine has been working under Director Lee, a devil.[2]

In keeping with the cross-alignment mission of the IFCC, some of Cedrik's old college friends are devils (of the Duke Blue and Arizona State Sun varieties).

Cedrik is keeping some sort of artifact in his domain for use in their upcoming plots which will involve Sabine.


Inter-Fiend Cooperation Commission
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