Lien and O-Chul discuss their situation.

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Panel 1

O-Chul becomes conscious.
O-Chul: Unnnh...
Lien: How are you feeling?
O-Chul: Like I have been severely poisoned and am only now shaking it off.
Lien: Good. That's what happened, so at least you don't feel worse than that.

Panel 2

Lien: I've been awake about an hour. I must've gotten a smaller dose than you did.
O-Chul: Do we know anything about our situation yet? Where are we, for example?
Lien: Not really.
O-Chul tugs at his chains—"rattle! rattle!"

Panel 3

They are in a large room. A cloaked figure stirs a cauldron.
Lien: The world's coziest warehouse, maybe? I was worried that I didn't see any windows at first.
Lien: Then I realize I don't see any doors either.
Lien: Even if we get out of the manacles, I have no idea how we're getting out of the room.
O-Chul: Anything from our pot-stirring captor there?

Panel 4

The cloaked figure continues to stir the cauldron.
Lien (inset): Not a word. Some light humming. I didn't recognize the tune.

Panel 5

Lien: I thought it best to wait for you before getting their attention.
O-Chul: Good. We may only get one chance to talk to them and we need to maximize our chances of obtaining useful information.

Panel 6

O-Chul: Regardless of our assailant's intentions or allegiances, for practical purposes our incarceration here only aids Xykon's eventual conquest of the final Gate.
O-Chul: For that reason, we must secure our release as quickly as we can, through words or actions.
O-Chul: But we must balance our need for haste with the patience to wait for any misstep on our would-be jailor's part.

Panel 7

O-Chul: In many ways, this is not unlike the long grueling months when I was held prisoner by Xykon and his henchmen.
O-Chul: No matter how many cruel tortures I was forced to endure—
O-Chul: —I kept alert for the slightest advantage and never lost hope that I, and indeed all of Azure City, would one day be free.

Panel 8

Lien: I understand. Even when I was helplessly bound to a rock by bloodthirsty orcs who wanted to sacrifice me to their false god—
Lien: I still held on to my faith that the Twelve Gods would show me the path to escape.

Panel 9

Beat. They stare at each other.

Panel 10

Lien: Eh, we should probably call this round a draw.
O-Chul: It is tricky to compare our heroic resolve without accidentally highlighting how we keep getting captured.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The runes on the cauldron are in the Wizard Speak font by Blambot. They read "MAGIC INSTANT POT".
  • The last panel refers to Lien and O-Chul's "Paladin-Off" in #1034, "Cold War".

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