Completely Mist the Point
Order of the Stick comic
Completely Mist the Point
Comic no. 1005
Date published 15 September 2015
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"Climbing Tensions" "Uninterrupted Torment"
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Roy finds it difficult to fight "Durkon" after he assumes gaseous form.

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy: I don't know why you're doing this, Durkon, but I can't let it pass.
"Durkon": Why am I doing this? Gee, I don't know...

Panel 2

"Durkon" turns to mist.
"Durkon": Maybe it's because I'm an Evil vampire now?

Panel 3

Roy: You'll forgive my insensitivity to your new personal identity when I say: So what?
Roy pulls the Greenhilt Sword out of the floor, "CHUUNK".

Panel 4

Roy: Xykon is an Evil lich. Tarquin's an Evil human. Neither one of them wants to actually destroy the world.
Roy swing through "Durkon"'s gaseous form, "WOOOSH!"
Roy: Heck, Belkar is an Evil Halfling, and he's like 70% towards wanting to save it.

Panel 5

Roy: You need to have some underlying reason for supporting this scheme.
He swings again, "WIFFFFFFF!"
"Durkon": My mistress Hel desires it. That is all I require, now.

Panel 6

High Priest of Freyr: Where's Balder's man with those demigod priests?
High Priestess of Frigg: I'm in no hurry for him to get back!
High Priest of Freyr: Neither am I, but it's weird...

Panel 7

Cut to the High Priest of Balder alone at the top of the stairs.
High Priest of Freyr (inset): All he needed to do was go to the top of the stairs and call for an usher.
High Priest of Balder: Hello?
High Priest of Balder: Hellooooooo?

Panel 8

Roy: So you're just a puppet, is that it? Shouldn't you be worshipping Elan's clown instead?
Roy: I thought vampires were supposed to be free-willed undead.
"Durkon": We are, and I have freely chosen to serve.

Panel 9

Roy: Sounds like a convenient realization to me.
Roy: You said you could do whatever you wanted now, unbound by tradition- yet here you are, foot soldier to someone new.
Roy: Meet the new god, same as the old god.

Panel 10

Roy: If you really want to experience freedom—
Roy: —you should go tell Hel to go to herself and spend the next hundred years backpacking across Tarterus, or whatever vampires do to find themselves.

Panel 11

"Durkon": You're only saying that because you don't want the world to end.
'Roy': Of course I'm only saying that because I don't want the world to end!
Roy: This is not an otherwise common topic of conversation!

Continuity Edit

  • Judging from events of #995-#996, "Durkon" might have killed all of the ushers, thus nobody comes to the call of the High Priest of Balder.

D&D Context Edit

  • "Durkon" continues to showcase the powers of vampires in D&D, now using his ability to take Gaseous Form.
  • In D&D, Tarterus is the Outer Plane at the interface of Neutral Evil and Chaotic evil Alignments. It takes its name from the underworld of Greek mythology.

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