Firuk supplies the Order with several potions from the temple brewery, and Minrah offers to join in the fight against the vampires.

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Panel 1

Belkar: OK, now that we're done with Prophecy Catch-Up Corner, can we please go kill some vampires or something?
Roy: Yes, definitely.
Roy: We're going to be heading out there to try and track down these vampires and destroy them before noon.
Rogo: We'll offer wha assistance we can, but I dinnae prepare combat spells t'day.
Tinna: And I never do. I'm an astronomer, not an adventurer.
Tinna: (There aren't a lot of dwarven organizations that offer funding for looking at the sky.)

Panel 2

Firuk: We got some potions an' holy ale in tha temple brewery. Help me, lad.
Rogo: Aye, Brewmaster.
Minrah: I will join you in your quest! Smashing the forces of Evil is why I joined the temple in the first place.
Roy: OK, great. Thanks. Minrah, right? Right.

Panel 3

Haley: Roy, don't you think this might be a bit above her level?
Roy: Yes, but what am I going to do? Say no?
Roy: She's an adult, it's the end of the world, and every little bit of help, uh, helps. Plus, do you know your way around here?
Minrah: Don't worry about me. I was a guard before I was a cleric. I'm not the best caster but I have a hammer and I know how to swing it.

Panel 4

Tinna: I guess... I could do your horoscope? To see if this course of action will turn out OK?
Roy: No thanks. I just managed to half convince myself of the existence of free will.
Elan: Awwwww.
Roy: You can do Elan's, if you can get it done by the time they come back with the potions.

Panel 5

Tinna: Do you know the exact date, time, and location you were born?
Elan: Nope! The circumstances of my birth are shrouded in mystery!
Elan: It's left over from some plot points we mostly resolved last book.
Haley: Let me take your coat, sweetie.

Panel 6

Haley stuffs the heavy clothing into one of her bags of holding.
Roy: The runestone I have works on the door leading to the tunnels, too, right?
Rogo: Aye. Ye should be able ta get back in if'n ye need healin'.

Panel 7

Roy: Let's see...
Roy: Cure Serious Wounds, Remove Paralysis...whoa, is that a high-level Magic Vestment oil?
Firuk: Aye, some o' them're from me private stash. I gotta Elixir of Fire Breath fer ye, too.
Belkar: Mr. Scruffy calls dibs on the Greater Magic Fang potion!
Blackwing: Darn it!

Panel 8

Blackwing: I was really hoping to become a totally cool killing machine with magical razor sharp talons of death!
Vaarsuvius: You should not be concerned. There is far more standing between you and that goal than the absence of one potion.
Blackwing: Thanks, V. You always know what to say.

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  • Potions can be made to replicate the effect of many spells upon consumption. The two items from Firuk's "private stash" could not have been made by clerics, requiring a sorcerer/wizard and a druid/ranger to craft the two potions, respectively.
    • Cure Serious Wounds is a 3rd level cleric spell which heals 3d8 + 1/level points of damage.
    • Remove Paralysis is a 2nd level spell which negates temporary magical paralysis such as a Hold Person spell's result.
    • Magic Vestment is a 2nd level spell which imbues a piece of armor or clothing with a +1 per four caster levels. Roy notes that it was created by a high level caster, so it would presumably provide +3 to +5 to the wearer's Armor Class (12-20th level caster being "high-level").
    • An Elixer of Fire Breath does not mimic any standard spell, but rather grants the imbiber the ability to breath flame three times within an hour.
    • Greater Magic Fang is a 3rd level ranger or druid spell which enchants a creature's natural weapon, such as its fangs or claws, giving a +1 bonus per four levels of the caster. It is unclear what level of enchantment this potion would provide.

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