Team Evil is not over with the Order yet.

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Panel 1

Monster in the Darkness: That's it! Introduction or no introduction, I'm going out there now!
Redcloak: NO!

Panel 2

Redcloak: You can't go out there!
MitD: Has your brain leaked out your pointy ears? Our team got its ass totally kicked!

Panel 3

Redcloak: Exactly. Which is why you can't leave the darkness around you yet.
MitD: Whatchootalkin' 'bout, Redcloak?

Panel 4

Xykon: Look, you whiney crybaby, we're not wasting the element of surprise just to mollify your nyctophobia.
MitD: What? Who said that??

Panel 5

Xykon: I did, you sad sack of—
MitD: Lord Xykon? You're alive?
Xykon: I haven't been alive in 30 years, but I'm not dead yet.
MitD: But how?

Panel 6

Redcloak: My holy symbol is also Lord Xykon's phylactery.
MitD: His what?
Redcloak: His phylactery.
MitD: His what?
Redcloak: His phylactery.
MitD: His what?
Redcloak: His—you know what? I'll explain later. It's his soul-hidey-place. Just listen to him for now.

Panel 7

Xykon: Listen, kid, there's no way I'm revealing you now.
MitD: But I'm so tired of the darkness! Can't I just kill them for you?
Xykon: And waste your talents?

Panel 8

Xykon: Hey, this one got away from us, sure. But you don't send in your star relief pitcher when you're losing 12-0 in the 9th inning.
Xykon: You gotta suck it up and realize it's the season that matters, and we've got plenty of games left to play here.

Panel 9

Xykon: There's always another game tomorrow night (and other gates, too, for that matter) but ONLY if we get the hell out of here right now.
Demon-Roach #1: Nice speech.
Demon Roach #2: I'd vote for him.

Panel 10

MitD: Grrrr...fine.
Xykon: Great! Now Redcloak, move those green feet of yours and get me to the secret escape tunnel.
Redcloak: This way.
Demon-Roach #1: Yeah! Let's bug out
Demon-Roach #2: Heh... "bug".

Panel 11

MitD: Are you sure I can't just eat one of the short ones? I'm so hungry!
Xykon: Tell you what, we'll stop at the first village we see and get you a Kid's Meal.

Panel 12

MitD: Ooooh! Will it have a toy surprise?
Xykon: No, but it will have real kids.
Demon-Roach #2: Tasty!

D&D Context Edit

  • Lich characters store their own souls in their phylactery.

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  • "Whatchootalkin' 'bout, Redcloak?" is a reference to the catchphrase used by Arnold from the sitcom Diff'rent Strokes, which ran from 1978-1986.

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