Meanwhile, Roy is cutting through a swath of bandits and facing the bandit king.

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Panel 1

A bandit fires two arrows at Roy, both of which miss.
Funny Hat Bandit: Rapid Shot!
Roy hits another bandit with his club, "WONK!"

Panel 2

Roy takes out the bandit archer.
Roy: Hey there, nice feat! That allowed you to be utterly ineffective twice in the same round! Congrats all around!
Roy: And seriously, what's with the hat, man? Geez.

Panel 3

Roy: Hey, the rest of the archers are backing away. I must have really scared them.
Bandit King (off-panel): Or they just know how much I hate it when they shoot into melee.

Panel 4

Bandit King: Ready for a rematch?
Roy: Let's see what you've got, Grandpa.

Panel 5

The Bandit King blocks Roy's attack with his swords, "clang! clang!"

Panel 6

Roy hits the Bandit King with his club, "THUNK!"

Panel 7

The Bandit King disarms Roy.

Panel 8

Roy: You're in pretty good shape for a geezer. But I've got one more trick up my sleeve!
Roy: Er, bag.

Panel 9

Roy throws an animal out of his Bag of Tricks. It bounces off the Bandit King's sword and back at him.

Panel 10

The animals pops into full size, "pop!" A big shadow appears over Roy's head.
Roy: Naturally.

Panel 11

Roy is crushed under a rhinoceros.

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  • A Bag of Tricks can produce only certain animals, according to its color. They can be gray, rust, or tan. Despite being orange in the comic, it appeared that Roy had the gray version, as it had previously produced only rodents and mustelids. This time it produced a rhinoceros. The title of the comic urges the readers to ignore this fact.
  • Rapid Shot is a feat that allows a character to shoot an extra arrow, but all arrows have less chance to hit that turn.

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  • This is the final appearance of Funny Hat Bandit. He appears to be wearing an early 1900s football helmet. He first appeared in #152.
  • This is the final appearance of Bandit with Black Skin. He first appeared in #158.
  • This is the final appearance of Blond Bandit Guy. He first appeared in #165.

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