The Order check into an inn and hear some more innuendo.

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Panel 1

Roy: Let's stay here tonight. We'll be about our business in the morning.
Roy: Two rooms.
Haley: Vaarsuvius, you're with me.
Vaarsuvius: As you wish.

Panel 2

Roy and Haley climbing stairs.

Panel 3

Roy enters room 2A. Haley enters room 2B.

Panel 4

Elan: I am so tired.
Roy: Don't talk to me about tired, please.

Panel 5

Roy and Elan hear Haley through the wall.
Haley (off-panel): Hey V, can you help me for a second?
Elan: Is that Haley's voice?
Roy: Cheap inn means thin walls.

Panel 6

Vaarsuvius (off-panel): Of course. What assistance do you require.
Haley (off-panel): Can you help me take this top off?
Roy and Elan are shocked upon hearing this.

Panel 7

Vaarsuvius (off-panel): My, those are quite lovely, Miss Starshine!
Haley (off-panel): Oh, thanks!
Vaarsuvius (off-panel): So round and flawless.
Haley (off-panel): Aren't they just, though?

Panel 8

Elan leans against the wall to listen, crowding Roy.
Vaarsuvius (off-panel): How long have you had them?
Haley (off-panel): Since I was 12, I guess. They came from my mother's side.

Panel 9

Durkon joins them leaning against the wall.
Haley (off-panel): I'm surprised you don't have your own set, V.
Vaarsuvius (off-panel): I do, actually, but they are not nearly so large.

Panel 10

Belkar joins them leaning against the wall.
Vaarsuvius (off-panel): Forgive me if I am being too forward, but I must ask if I may please touch them.
Haley (off-panel): Well, OK, but be gentle. Don't twist them or anything.

Panel 11

The bed collapses under the weight of Roy, Elan, Durkon, and Belkar. "CRASH!!"
Vaarsuvius (off-panel): They are certainly very smooth.
Haley (off-panel): Tee hee!

Panel 12

Cut to 2B, where Haley and Vaarsuvius are holding large round gemstones.
Vaarsuvius: Did you hear that?
Haley: I'm sure it's just the boys eavesdropping and misinterpreting our conversation about these two gemstones (that my mother gave me) for something dirty.
Vaarsuvius: Ahhh. I see.

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  • The title is a play on the trademarked ad slogan for Wrigley's Doublemint gum, "Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun", suggesting the double meanings central to the gag.

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