Down to Earth
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 664
Date published 24 June 2009
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Roy's soul leaves the afterlife.

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Panel 1

Durkon is still casting Resurrection when Haley and Elan carry the still immobilized Vaarsuvius to him.
Durkon: Resurrection! Resurrection!
Haley: Hey Durkon, we have another patient for you when you're finished.
Elan: I don't think "patient" is a word I would us to describe V, Haley.
Durkon: Aye, put 'im down, I'm almost done 'ere...
Durkon: Resurrection!

Panel 2

Roy: Ok, time for me to go home. Roy's Archon, do you remember what I need you to do once I'm gone?
Roy's Archon: Yes. I have no idea if it will work, but I know what to do.

Panel 3

Roy's Archon: Good luck, and I sincerely hope not to speak with you for a very long time.
Roy: Right back at you, little glowing buddy, and thanks for everything.

Panel 4

Roy: And you—keep scrying on Xykon. Haunt me if he leaves Azure City.
Eugene: Oh, absolutely, Roy. You'll be the first to know.
Celestial Deva: Mr. Greenhilt? Mr. Greenhilt, my office sent me down here to talk to you about one of your teammates.

Panel 5

Roy: I'm sorry, but I'm a little busy right now. I'm about to be raised from the dead. (Finally.)
Deva: I understand, but this colleague of yours has taken a dramatic turn towards Evil in the last few—

Panel 6

Two Celestial limo drivers are holding signs, one saying "S. Rogers" and the other saying "R. Greenhilt".
Roy: Look, I'm sure whatever trouble Belkar has gotten himself into, we can handle it. I have it on good authority that he's going to die soon.
Roy: Well, soon-ish.

Panel 7

Celestial Limo Driver: Good to have you, sire. We'll have you home in no time.
Deva: Mr. Green—
Roy: Look, my ride is here, I gotta go.
Roy: Hey, is that a minibar? Sweet!
Deva: No, Mr. Greenhilt, you don't understand, I'm not talking about—

Panel 8

The limo drives away down a rainbow, marked by a sign saying "Highway from Heaven", "vvrrrooOOOOOOM!!"

Panel 9

Deva: —the halfling.

Panel 10

The deva hands a folder to Eugene.
Deva: Listen, you occasionally manifest to him, right? Next time you do, show him this report.
Deva: It details the elf wizard's alarming dealings with the forces of Evil.
Eugene: No problem. I'm just as appalled by these events as you are.

Panel 11

The deva flies away.

Panel 12

Eugene burns the folder, "woosh!"
Eugene: Good effort, elf. I really thought for a moment that you were going to pull it off.
Eugene: Hell, if my son were more like you, we'd be wrapping up this series by now.

D&D Context Edit

  • Resurrection is a 7th level cleric spell. The material component, a diamond worth 10,000 gp, was stolen from the cast page on the website. Resurrection allows the dead to be raised to full health, at the loss of a level, from even just a small part of the body.

Trivia Edit

  • The "S. Rogers" sign refers to Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, a Marvel Comics character who has been dead for roughly the same amount of time as Roy, and who will be brought back to life in an upcoming storyline.
  • This is the final appearance of Roy's Archon. The lantern archon appeared in eighteen strips, starting with #492, "Things to Do in Heaven When You're Dead".

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