Dropping the Ball
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 847
Date published 30 March 2012
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"No Bone Unturned" "Acid Redux"
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As the party gives up searching Girard's corpse and starts looking for Vaarsuvius, they are ambushed by the newly reformed Linear Guild.

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Panel 1

The party is searching Girard Draketooth's sarcophagus.
Haley: OK, that's it. I'm done.
Haley: Roy, we've been over every inch of this crypt. There's nothing here but an old dead guy.
Durkon: Aye, lad. I e'ven recast True Seein', an' I see nuthin'.
Roy: Did you try Detect Magic?
Durkon: Nay, I dinnae prepare tha, V does.

Panel 2

Roy: I guess V has gotten enough fresh air at this point.
Roy: Keep looking around here. I'm going outside to find an elf.

Panel 3

Roy walks outside the entrance to the pyramid.
Roy: Vaarsuvius?
Roy: Come on, we need you to scan something! Where are you?

Panel 4

Roy looks up at something silhouetted by the desert sun.
Roy: Ah crap. Is that you all the way up in the—

Panel 5

A green orb descends towards Roy from what is now several distinct silhouettes.
Roy: —sky?

Panel 6

Roy runs back inside the pyramid as the green orb streaks towards the entrance.

Panel 7

The entire gallery at the top of the pyramid is filled with green liquid with a giant "SPLOOSH!"

Panel 8

The Linear Guild flying in towards the party. Nale is being carried by Sabine and Tarquin rides on a pteranodon.
Malack: Tarquin, we agreed that Brother Thundershield was not to be harmed!
Kilkil: General, I estimate only an 8% chance that any members of your son's team were killed by that spell.
Tarquin: See, Malack? I'm sure your dwarf friend can handle one little acid bath.
Nale: Eight percent? I've seen hospitals with worse mortality rates.
Nale: Hit them again, Z.
Zz'dtri: Empowered Vitriolic Sphere.

D&D Context Edit

  • Vitriolic Sphere is not in the publicly available SRD, having been released for D&D 3.5 edition in the 2004 Complete Arcane. It deals 1d4/level damage to a maximum of 15d4, with additional damage possible in the two following rounds.
  • The Empower Spell feat increases the damage of that spell by 50%.

Trivia Edit

  • Tarquin's mount is a Pteranodon longiceps, the type species of pteranodons.

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