Bandana's map of the Dwarven Lands
Dwarven Lands
Capital Thane City
Government Constitutional Monarchy with a Council of Clans
Religions Asgardian Pantheon
Exports Platinum[1]

Locations in the Dwarven Lands
Settlements in the Dwarven Lands

The Dwarven Lands are the regions in the far north of the Northern Continent located within the Pinnacle Mountain range that make up the home of the Dwarven race. It is located near the North Pole, which is found just across from the Gelid Glacier that is north of the mountains.

Notable LocationsEdit

Airship Routes Edit

There are three major airship routes through the mountains to access the cities of the Dwarven Lands from the south.

  • Fissure Gap, which leads through the center of the Pinnacle Mountains to Bartervault and Thane City
  • Passage Pass, which leads through the Summit Mountains from Zenith Peak to Firmament (and perhaps Tunnelsburg)
  • Another unnamed route through the Molehill Moutains to Bartervault

There appears to be no airship route to Nottinstory, at least not in this story.

References Edit

  1. Comic #1044, "Mountain Passes"

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