Easy to Forget
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 1161
Date published 15 April 2019
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The bad guys strike back, summoning elementals and paralyzing some of the group, but V saves Roy from another disastrous fall.

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Panel 1

Gontor: This isn't fair, I had a lot more spells to cast before they showed up!
Gontor: Summon Monster VII!

Panel 2

Roy throws his sword at the Nightcrawler. Behind them, two Earth Elementals arise from the bridge with a "KKERRNNTCH!"

Panel 3

One Elemental picks up a boulder, while the other readies one to throw.

Panel 4

Roy's sword returns to his hand with a "PWOK!"
Belkar: You two keep whacking the worm. It's obviously what you're best at, heh.
Belkar: Mr. Scruffy and I can handle these two scrubs by oursel—

Panel 5

Giant Death Worm: Mass Hold Monster.

Panel 6

The spell paralyzes Roy, Elan, and Belkar, leaving Durkon unaffected.
Belkar: ...

Panel 7

A boulder lands on the four with a "WHOMP!"

Panel 8

Roy falls off the edge, still paralyzed.
Durkon: Och!!

Panel 9

Roy continues to plummet.

Panel 10

One of Vaarsuvius' Bugsby's Hand spells catches him with a "WUMF."

Panel 11

Blackwing: Great catch! Now just swing him around until his sword hits something. How hard can it be?
Vaarsuvius: Absurd. That would be highly inefficient. A better plan would be to throw him at the enemy once, then resume casting—
Haley: We have a cleric again, we can fix stuff like this!!
Vaarsuvius: Ah, yes, of course.

D&D ContextEdit

  • Giant Death Worm, a Nightcrawler , can cast Mass Hold Monster once per day as a spell-like ability.
  • Without the usual shouting of the spell name to cast, it is not clear which of the various Bigby's Hand spells Vaarsuvius is using. It may be Grasping Hand. Or it may be a variant of Bugsby's Cat-Retrieving Hand. V has also used Bugsby's Grasping Hand, Bugsby's Forceful Hand, Bugsby's Flicking Finger, Bugsby's Expressive Single Digit, and Bixby's Crushing Hand.
  • Summon Monster VII is a 7th level spell which summons powerful monsters. The ability to cast this spell sets the lower limit for Gontor’s cleric level at 13.
  • Earth Elementals are composed of whatever earth mineral is around the area they are summoned, hence the reason they are made from the bridge leading up to the council chamber. Also, since two were summoned with "Summon Monster VII", they are classified as "large" Elementals.

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