Elven Lands
Races Elves
Religions Elven Pantheon
Alignment Any Good or Neutral

Inhabitants of the Elven Lands
Locations in the Elven Lands
Settlements in the Elven Lands

The Elven Lands, also known as the Great Elven Forest[1] consist of the area of the Western Continent north of the Goaway Mountains. The lands are covered by forest, and as the name implies, primarily populated by Elves.

The Elven Lands have historically been allied with Azure City. After the fall of that city to the horde of Xykon, Elven Command sent at least two special operations teams, Team Peregrine and Team Harrier. It is not known if Elven Command represents the combined military of all of the Elven Lands or just a part. The two teams were ultimately unsuccessful in overthrowing the goblinoid regime. All known members of those teams were killed by Redcloak.[2][3]

The Elven Lands have a long-standing trade war with Cliffport.[4] This lead Cliffport to move to officially recognize Gobbotopia, despite their differences over the legality of human slavery, once they learned of the elves military intervention in the former Azure City.

There are presumably many cities and towns in the elven lands, but only two locations have been detailed in Order of the Stick thus far: the town of Ivyleaf and Lirian's Glade. The former is the hometown of Vaarsuvius and the latter was the home of the druid Lirian, and the location of the gate that she defended.

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