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Empress of Blood
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Empire of Blood


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The Empress of Blood, the nominal ruler of the Empire of Blood, is a giant red dragoness who feeds on animals.

She conquered the Empire with the help of Malack, Tarquin and his son Nale, two years before her appearance in the comic. Nale, however, betrayed them, wanting to be crowned himself. Tarquin then set a bounty on his son.

General Tarquin and High Priest Malack have told her that the more powerful dragons have grown larger, so she thinks that growing larger will make her more powerful. Comparing her appearance during Nale's attempted coup[1] and her much portlier appearance at Elan's parade[2] it is apparent that she has increased her weight at least tenfold during these two years.

The Empress is stupid beyond belief, despite the fact that the average red wyrmling has an Intelligence score of 10. General Tarquin and High Priest Malack are the real power in the Empire of Blood, as part of their greater scheme to control the Western Continent with the other members of the Vector Legion. In addition, she can somehow manage to fly, though nobody seems to know how she manages to pull that off. When Elan is shocked to see her in flight, Tarquin quipped, "Quite a stumper, isn't it?" and V claimed it seemed to violate the laws of physics,[2] In the sense that they actually feel violated.

The Empress resides in her Palace of Blood in Bleedingham, focused entirely on eating, leaving the governance of the Empire to Tarquin and his Chancellor, Kilkil.

Two stick figure images of the younger svelter Empress flanking a great drop of blood adorn the flags and banners of the Empire.

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