Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 19
Date published 7 December 2003
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"Double Surprise" "Arcanolypse Now"
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Elan's masterful illusions...aren't that masterful...

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Belkar: We need to attack!
Elan: How? You broke my rapier!
Haley: Look out, the dragon head!

Panel 2

Trigak breathes fire at them

Panel 3

The fire covers the Order

Panel 4

Belkar and Elan are visably fire damaged, but Haley is not

Panel 5

Haley: Evasion!
Haley winks, "wink!"

Panel 6

Belkar: Attack!
Elan (singing): Dodge, dodge, dodge the inevitable counterattack!

Panel 7

Haley: We need to get out of here—he's too strong!
Elan: I'll create a cunning illusion to distract him while we run!

Panel 8

Elan creates an illusion of a female chimera
Elan: Run!
Belkar: You've got to be kidding.

Panel 9

Trigak's Dragon Head: I'm sorry, we're in a committed relationship right now.
Trigak's Lion Head: It's not you, it's us.
Trigak's Goat Head: After them!

Panel 10

The party flees.
Haley: Awwww, that's so sweet.
Belkar: Nice distraction, idiot, he's right on our tail!
Elan: Hey, how was I supposed to know he ain't a playa?
Belkar: Never say "playa" again.

D&D Context Edit

  • Evasion is an ability that some classes like Rogue and Monk gain that allows them to fully dodge large magical attacks. Most characters can only avoid some of the damage.
    • High level Rangers can also Evade, as was demonstrated by Belkar in #469.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time Elan uses his Bard Magic (unless you count "Summon Plot Exposition" in #13). Most of the spells Elan employs are illusions. It would later become a running gag that the only illusion he can usually think of is a female of whatever species he's facing at the time.
  • In panels 6 and 7, Elan's hair is abnormal.

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