Julio Scountrél says goodbye to Elan.

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Panel 1

Belkar: One flap closer and I'm having chicken-fried raven tonight.
Blackwing: But I just want his autograph!
Haley: Belkar, leave Blackwing alone.
Blackwing: Yeah, leave Blackwing—Hey! You remember me now?

Panel 2

Haley: Shyeah. I'm the one who named you! I was just busting V's chops before.
Blackwing: Huh. Well, V's chops have been utterly and thoroughly busted. So, job well done, I guess.

Panel 3

Elan: Hey, has anyone seen Roy?
Blackwing: He's below decks, talking to Vaarsuvius.
Elan: Wow! A talking bird!

Panel 4

Blackwing: So is he also just—
Haley: Probably not, no.
Elan: Where's Julio, then? I wanted to ask him about some of the other times he fought my father.
Bandana: He, uh... he told me to give these to you.
Elan: His sword? And a letter?

Panel 5

Elan reads the letter, the voice of Julio reads the words.
Julio (inset): Dear Elan—By the time you read this letter, I'll have taken my spare flying carpet and left the ship.
Elan: *Gasp!*
Julio (inset): This is your adventure, Elan. My questing days are behind me.

Panel 6

Julio (inset): I've left Bandana in command of the Mechane for a while, but I've given her orders to take you wherever you need to go.

Panel 7

Julio (inset): Take my Chaos Sabre, too. You need a new sword, and it won't be much use where I'm going.
Julio (inset): I've decided to take a long overdue vacation to the Outer Planes. I hear Arborea is lovely this time of century.

Panel 8

Julio: (inset) I wish you the best of luck, Elan, and I can't wait to hear the tale. ~Julio
Elan: Oh man! I can't believe he left without saying goodbye! There's so much I still wanted to say to him!

Panel 9

Haley: Well, you could just turn around.
Haley: He's standing behind you doing the voice-over through a can.

Panel 10

The scene widens to reveal that Julio is right behind Elan, holding a can.

Panel 11

Elan: Farewell, brave captain! I know not when we shall see your like again!
Julio: "P.S. Actually, maybe I better hit the head before I go."

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  • Haley finally puts to bed the running gag of forgetting that Blackwing existed.
  • Julio had previously given Elan his +3 keen rapier in #392, but it was sundered by Tarquin in #934. Elan still has his rapier from #28, which he lost when imprisoned in the Cliffport jail, but was recovered along with all his old equipment when he defeated Nale.[1]

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