The prophecy is finally explained.

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Panel 1

Sabine is flying away with Nale, Zz'dtri flying away carrying Yikyik.
Nale: Turn back! Turn back!
Zz'dtri: Why?

Panel 2

A dracolisk breathes acid at them.
Nale: That's why!
Yikyik: HOLY SH—

Panel 3

Roy: It looks like the monsters have stopped swarming—without the talisman's control, they're just acting naturally.
Haley: Wait, so are you saying you knew I was going to roll a 20?

Panel 4

Roy: Sort of. That's what my Dad was trying to tell me.
Haley: Isn't your Dad dead?
Roy: Yes, What he said was:

Panel 5

Flashback to Eugene's ghost warning Roy in #15.
Eugene Greenhilt: "When the goat turns red strikes true."

Panel 6

Cut back to the present.
Roy: I thought he was saying "When the goat turns red," which made no sense.
Roy: But he wasn't. He was saying "When the goat turns," (that is, when the guy with the goatee turns on us)...

Panel 7

Roy: ..."Red strikes true." And that's you, Red.

Panel 8

Roy: Dad knew you would make the shot and destroy the Talisman. And he knew I would never ask you to take such a difficult shot—at least not without a supernatural nudge.

Panel 9

Haley: Wow. That's a lot more planning than I thought this strip had...
Belkar: Hey, can we cut down on the exposition? The Linear Jerks are almost back!
Vaarsuvius: I am out of my Fireball spells, but I may be able to slow them by disrupting their flying spell...

Panel 10

Vaarsuvius: Dispel Magic!

Panel 11

Hilgya falls as the spell affects The Linear Guild.
Hilgya Firehelm: EEK!
(Someone): We couldn't wake Durkon.
Roy: I think karma just evened that score.

Panel 12

Roy: OK, guys, here's the plan: Grab your bizarro twin and beat the living hell out of them!
Belkar: Sweeeet.

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  • Dispel Magic is a spell which removes the effects of a spell or temporarily suppresses a magic item. It can be used as an area burst.

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  • A "Bizarro Twin" is a general term for an alternate self. The name comes from Bizarro, an alternate version of Superman.
  • This is the only other appearance of the dracolisk from #55.

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