The Favored Soul is a Divine caster class that functions in the same way Sorcerers do with Wizards. They have a direct link to their deity and have access to Divine spells like a Cleric, but unlike the Cleric they do not have to prepare their spells ahead of time, though their selection of spells is more limited than the Cleric.

Characters in Order of the Stick with levels in Favored SoulEdit

Base Classes: BarbarianBardClericDruidFighterPaladinMonkRangerRogueSorcererWizard

Prestige Classes: Arcane TricksterArchmageAssassinBeastmasterDashing SwordsmanMystic TheurgeShadowdancer
Other Classes: Favored SoulNinja
NPC Classes: AristocratCommonerExpertWarrior

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