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Felix is a crewman of the Mechane. He was the sartorial advisor of Julio Scoundrél, as well has having other duties on the ship. He sometimes served as the Mechane's helmsman, taking that duty after Bandana Secundus and before Mateo.


Blood Runs in the FamilyEdit

Felix first appeared with a cutlass in hand ready to do battle with Laurin Shattersmith, but was ordered to stand back and let Vaarsuvius dual the psion alone due to Captain Scoundrél's standing orders on third act duals.

Utterly DwarfedEdit

When Thor sent a lightning storm at the Mechane to show his displeasure with "Durkon" (who had been raised as a vampire and secretly taken on the role of High Priest of Hel), Felix was at the engineering controls. The station was hit by lightning, causing the panel to catch fire and badly burning Felix. He was dragged to safety by Haley and Bandana, and brought to the party's backup healer: Doctor Banjo and Nurse Elan. Elan was able to heal him through method acting and a Cure Critical Wounds, though Felix was weirded out by the fact that Elan cut him with a scalpel in the hand of Banjo. The two worked together to repair the lightning damage to the ship.

As Captain Scoundrél's sartorial advisor, he did not have an outlet for his fashion sense during Julio's semi-retirement to the Outer Planes. Instead he bought the crew and the Order winter outfits to prepare for the cold as they headed north.

Felix and Kwesi discovered the carnage of rats in Vaarsuvius' cabin after Gontor Hammerfell snuck aboard and stole V's teleportation orb.

During the ambush at Passage Pass, Felix was once again stationed at the engineering controls, mainly pulling a big lever. After lamenting the frost giant's lack of color in their ensembles, he successfully repelled one of the giant boarders who was hanging on to the transom by slashing the giant's fingers with his cutlass. Felix was present on the quarterdeck when Andi mutinied, expressing shock at her actions and calling it mutiny. He appeared pleased when Bandana resumed command. With Bandana back as captain, Felix suggested that Andi should lose her share of the booty.

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