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Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 116
Date published 31 October 2004
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"Dust in the Wind" "Delayed Gratification"
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Roy gets a souvenir from the adventure and Haley begins the obligatory looting stage of any boss encounter.

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Xykon's crown lies on the floor.

Panel 2

The Demon Roaches come upon it.

Panel 3

One Demon Roach puts the crown on his head.
King Roach: I crown myself... King of All Roaches!
Demon Roach: What is thy wish, Your Majesty?
King Roach: The king demands... cake!

Panel 4

Roy picks up the crown.
King Roach: Ahh! My crown!
Demon Roach: Sigh. His reign was brief, but eventful.

Panel 5

Roy admires the crown.

Panel 6

Durkon: Congrat'lashuns Roy, lad, ye finally fulfill'd yer pappy's sworn oath.
Roy: Yeah, thanks.

Panel 7

Roy: Strange, though. it doesn't feel quite right. I lost my family's ancestral sword. Plus, my Dad hasn't shown up to thank me yet.
Durkon: Huh. Didn't ye say yer pappy was dead?
Roy: Yeah.

Panel 8

Roy: Well, the zombies are dust, the goblins are dead, and Xykon is vanquished.
Haley: Guess the only thing left to do is LOOT!

Panel 9

Haley: Now, I've read all the treasure tables for an encounter of this level, we should have our hands full. OK, now, I want to see a standard grid pattern search.
Haley: Belkar, focus on platinum, gold, and any other large value coins. Elan, you look for gemstones and jewelry. I mean, art objects.

Panel 10

Haley: Durkon, I guess you're on magic item duty.
Durkon: Sorry, lass, I'm all outta Detect Magic spells t'day.

Panel 11

Haley: Hmmm. OK, time to get creative.

Panel 12

Haley holds Vaarsuvius over a pile of loot.
Haley: OK, one grunt for minor magic items, two grunts for major magic items, and three grunts for artifacts.

D&D Context Edit

  • Detect Magic is a 0-level spell that can be used to detect magical auras.
  • In D&D 3.5e, jewelry is listed in the treasure tables under "art objects".

Trivia Edit

  • In the online version, the Demon Roach says "Youe Majesty".

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