Vaarsuvius and Haley team up to eliminate four frost giants

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Panel 1

Vaarsuvius: Fireball.

Panel 2

The fireball hits the giants, "BOOM!"

Panel 3

Frost Giant: Kill the wizard before it—

Panel 4

Haley flies in behind the giants and kills all four with a Sneak Attack, "THUNK! THUNK! THUNK! THUNK!"
Frost Giant: Ulrk!

Panel 5

Haley flies away.
Haley: Can I just say that I love being high level? We used to run away from goblins!
Haley: Regular goblins, not even evil high priest goblins!
Haley: (We might still run from those, I'm not sure.)

Panel 6

Vaarsuvius: I recommend focusing our efforts on those frost giants that will be in closest proximity to the Mechane as it passes.
Vaarsuvius: It should be easy to project the vessel's exact flight path by calculating—

Panel 7

Blackwing flies into the back of Haley's head, "WHONK!"
Blackwing: Ahhh!
Haley: OW!!

Panel 8

Vaarsuvius: Strange. He never crashes into me when I am flying invisibly.
Haley: Probably because of the empathic link. Or because you keep talking the whole time.
Blackwing: Look, if you don't want birds to crash into you, don't turn into a high-elevation windowfolk.

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  • In D&D there are six main types of Giants: Hill, Stone, Frost, Fire, Cloud, and Storm. These giants are frost giants, but the title makes a pun on the other type and being sacked or dismissed from a job.
  • Fireball is a 3rd level spell and a staple of attack spells in D&D. It does 1d6/level damage (to a max of 10d6) in a 20-ft radius area of effect.
  • In order for Haley to get four attacks off in one surprise round, she would have needed to use her Rapid Shot feat.
  • A Wizard's familiars shares an empathic link, but they cannot share thoughts as with true telepathy. This caused Blackwing some problems in #1013, Little Empathy.
  • Calling Haley a "high-elevation windowfolk" is a D&D joke playing on the various races of "-folk" which began with lizardfolk (originally Lizard Men in AD&D) but expanded to all kinds of human/beast hybrids such as catfolk or the zebrafolk in #791. Thus Haley is a skyscraper/human hybrid when she is invisible and just as deadly to birds.

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