Firmament outside
Firmament from the outside
Area Dwarven Lands
Religions Northern Pantheon
Exports platinum[1]

Inhabitants of Firmament
Firmament is a town located in the Dwarven Lands. It is located in the Summit Mountains[2], somewhere near the surface. It is home to a major temple dedicated to Thor, God of Storms of the Asgardian Pantheon, which maintains a private exit for the acolytes to observe the weather. A major trading ship route known as the Passage Pass leads to the town.[2]

Durkon Thundershield was ordained a cleric of Thor at the temple in Firmament. He trained there under High Priest Hurak.[3]

It is to be the location of the meeting of the Dwarven Council of Clans, who are to discuss what the best decision to choose with the demigod Dvalin for the Northern Godsmoot.[4]


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