First Aid
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 58
Date published 21 April 2004
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"Inevitable Betrayal? Check." "The Shot Heard Round the Dungeon"
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Vaarsuvius employs drastic measures to bring Belkar's healing powers to the fore.

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Panel 1

Vaarsuvius: Elan is at -7 hit points and falling! Help me, Belkar.
Belkar: But Nale is getting away!

Panel 2

Vaarsuvius: We do not have time for that now! Let Sir Greenhilt handle it. Should Elan fall to -10, he will be DEAD!
Belkar: OK, OK, fine! What about Durkon, though? He's the walking medicine chest.

Panel 3

Vaarsuvius: Sabine's claw attack has drained his energy. I seem to be incabable[sic] of waking him. Belkar, search though his possessions.
Belkar: Hey, I'm all for looting the corpses of my fallen allies, but shouldn't we wait for a better time?

Panel 4

Vaarsuvius: Search for healing potions, you fool! Hurry, Elan has dropped to -8 hp!
Belkar: Oh, right.

Panel 5

Belkar: Ummm, all I can find are 2 scrolls of Cure Serious Wounds. But none of us can use scrolls because we can't cast healing spells in the first place.

Panel 6

Vaarsuvius: YOU can use them.
Belkar: Sh'yeah right. I'm a warrior, the only thing I can do with a scroll is beat someone with it.

Panel 7

Vaarsuvius: Belkar, you are a RANGER!!
Belkar: So what? That just means I can beat him with both scrolls at the same time!!

Panel 8

Vaarsuvius: No, it means you can cast healing spells—or at least, you COULD if you did not possess a Wisdom score normally reserved for lemmings!
Belkar (off-panel): Hey, lemmings are cute.

Panel 9

Vaarsuvius: Wait—Wait! That is the solution! A simple spell shall increase your Wisdom, so that you might use the scroll!

Panel 10

Vaarsuvius: OWL'S WISDOM!
Belkar: Wow...the world seems so much clearer now...I can understand everything...

Panel 11

Vaarsuvius (off-panel): The scroll Belkar! He's down to -9!
Belkar: Of course, no need to shout. Cure Serious Wounds!

Panel 12

Belkar: And another for good measure. Cure Serious Wounds.
Elan: Mommy... I don't wanna go to school today...
Vaarsuvius: We are not safe yet, friends. Quickly, Elan, we must rejoin the others.
Vaarsuvius leads Elan off stage left.

Panel 13

Belkar (thinking): I've wasted my life on anger and needless rage, when I could have been healing.

Panel 14

Belkar (thinking): My eyes are finally open. From this day forward, I'm never hurting a living creature ever again.

Panel 15

V pops back into frame
Vaarsuvius: Dismiss Owl's Wisdom.
Belkar: Let's kill those losers!

D&D Context Edit

  • Characters in D&D fall unconscious at -1 HP and die at -10 HP. When they get knocked below 0 HP they will lose 1 HP per round until a healing spell is cast on them or an ally stabilizes them.
  • Rangers are good at fighting with two weapons, hence Belkar's crack about wielding both scrolls.
  • Owl's Wisdom is a spell that provides a bonus of 4 Wisdom to one creature.
  • This strip pegs Belkar's wisdom at at most 13 and at least 10, because Cure Serious Wounds is a 4th level Ranger spell, hence requires a wisdom score 14 minimum to cast. Owl's Wisdom grants +4 Wisdom.
  • The dismissal of Owl's Wisdom is for comedic effect by the last panel. In any case, it is actually a suboptimal option.

Trivia Edit

  • Belkar's tunic turns white under the effect of Owl's Wisdom.
  • Belkar's daggers return when Vaarsuvius dismissed Owl's Wisdom.
  • Belkar is missing his right leg in the 3rd and 2nd last panels. His foot is still present, however.

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