Gontor, with Hel's help, calls in a Nightcrawler as a present for the Order—and miserably fails at remedial villain-quipping.

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Panel 1

Curly: I guess that sounds pretty good. But our master was really confident, and the adventurers found a way to—
Gontor: I'm not taking any chances with those savages, don't worry.

Panel 2

Gontor: I was just waiting until our thralls were in the majority in there—which they now are, by my count.
Gontor: This body had a few scrolls on it when it died, and I see no reason not to use all of them to our advantage—

Panel 3

Gontor: —and give our mistress a chance to send in reinforcements.
Gontor: Gate!

Panel 4

Cut to the Outer Planes domain of Hel.
Hel: At last, this misbegotten wager will end and I will take my rightful place as queen of the Northern Gods.
Thrym: I am excited for you, because I am supportive of your professional achievements.

Panel 5

Hel: And if those mortal heroes think vampire spirits are the worst things I can make, I've got a surprise for them.
Hel: Avenge my first priest, little one.

Panel 6

Cut back to Firmament, as a Nightcrawler emerges from Gontor's gate.
Gontor: BEHOLD!
Gontor: Our enemies shall find naught but squirmy death!!

Panel 7

Back in Hel
Hel: Are you kidding me? I set you up perfectly for a "worm food" quip!
Hel: Come on, people, this is basic villain stuff!

D&D ContextEdit

  • Gate is a 9th level spell which creates an extra-dimensional portal between planes of existence, and allows the caster to summon a creature from the plane connected through the gate. Summoned creatures are controlled by the caster.
  • The creature summoned through the Gate appears to be a Nightcrawler, based on its similarity to the one depicted in the A Monster for Every Season series.
  • Gontor cast the spell through the use of a scroll. This spell is probably too high level for him to cast through his class spellcasting abilities.

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  • The inscription above the door is written in Dwarf Spirits font by Blambot, the same font used for the Wall of Very Rich Donors in #1112. It reads: "ONLY DWARVES MAY PASS".
  • The title plays on the term "gatekeeper". Instead of keeping the Gate scroll in reserve, Gontor "spends" it, making him a "gatespender".
  • This is the first appearance of Giant Death Worm, the nightcrawler which Hel sent through Gontor's Gate spell. Belkar would give it a name in #1164.

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