A Godsmoot is an important event described as being a meeting of "utmost secrecy and reverence", reserved for the High Priests of the assorted pantheons, usually held in secret[1] and in temporary, if often impressive buildings of some kind raised magically in a short time.[2].

Regulations[edit | edit source]

The Godsmoot is a fairly formalized event, with designated places for the participants[3], and a considerable amount of rules, including a maximum of two bodyguards per participant.[4] According to Exarch Gontor Hammerfell, it is also a meeting of "utmost secrecy and reverence", reserved for the High Priest of each Northern God[3] (and, implicitly, to representatives of other Pantheons such as Veldrina).[3]

Participants proper were directed to a specific place named the "Great Nave", while their bodyguards were directed to a "gallery". Non-participants were allowed to wait on the outside.[3]

The Northern Godsmoot[edit | edit source]

The Northern Godsmoot involved mainly clerics of the Northern Gods, among them the High Priests of Hoder[5] but also some Druids[4]. The Creed of the Stone, represented by its exarch Gontor Hammerfell, was chosen to manage it due to being a neutral party.[3]

The Northern Godsmoot began at noon of the Winter Solstice[4][1], was hosted at Zenith Peak in the Pinnacle Mountains and was administrated by the non-theistic religion of the Creed of the Stone. The Elven Favored Soul Veldrina was invited (with only a three days advance notice) to represent the combined Western and Elven Pantheons.[1] There was similarly a representative of the Southern Pantheon to relay the result of the Southern Godsmoot.

The moot was held in secret,[1] involved a vote of the Southern, Western and Northern Pantheons[6], and took pains to control any depictions of its proceedings.[4] There were approximately simultaneous votes of the Southern and Western/Elven Pantheons at their own Godsmoots.

The vote of the Northern Godsmoot resulted in a tie between the gods. To break the tie, a vote of the demigods was held. This vote also resulted in a tie, with the tiebreaking vote, Dvalin, deferring his vote to a vote of the dwarven Council of the Clans.

The Moot swiftly devolved into combat after the High Priest of Hel, posing as the dwarven Cleric Durkon Thundershield, was attacked by his bodyguard, Roy Greenhilt of the Order of the Stick. The Nave was later invaded by the vampirized members of the Creed of the Stone, and the High Priest escaped after abdicating in favor of one of his subordinates, resulting in several of the High Priests to engage the invaders while others protected them. In short time, the vampires were defeated, though the former High Priest escaped with three of its minions.

The High Priest of Hel and his minions attempted to fix the outcome of the Council of Clans, but the end result of that confict was the suspension of the Council until such time as a new council table could be fabricated. This means that the vote of the Council, and thus the outcome of the Northern Godsmoot is still undetermined.

Currently, Godsmoot is still in session, trapping every High Priest in Zenith Peak until the vote at Firmament can be resolved. Any bodyguards that escorted the High Priests inside are also trapped.

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