Green Means Go
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 1010
Date published 27 October 2015
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"Giving Up Hope" "Red Means Stop"
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Powered up by the Greenhilt Sword, a revived Roy lays into "Durkon".

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Panel 1

"Durkon" falls from the balcony, returning to his normal size, as Veldrina, the Representative of the Southern Pantheon and the High Priests of Sif, Hoder and Fenrir look on.

Panel 2

Roy leaps from the balcony, slashing the vampire with his flaming sword, "THNNK!!
Roy: You are just some undead thing hiding behind his face!

Panel 3

Roy: I don't know whether you started out as Durkon and turned into this, or you're just squatting in his corpse—
Roy: —but I was stupid to think it even matters!
High Priest of Hel: Slay Liv-

Panel 4

Roy cuts him off with the Spellsplinter Maneuver.
Roy: How many different levels of denial was I in, anyways?!?

Panel 5

Roy: I am going to stop you, and if that means I never get my friend back because he was twisted into being you—

Panel 6

Roy: —then I will be sad—
Roy lifts the High Priest of Hel in the air with a "SLASH!"

Panel 7

Roy: —but you will be DEAD!
Roy smashes the High Priest, "WHAKKKT!", sending him flying across the room.

Panel 8

"Durkon" is smashed into a wall by the blow, "KRNTCH!!", leaving an impact mark.

Panel 9

Roy and his sword continue glowing.

Panel 10

Roy notices the green flames.

Panel 11

The green flames dissipate.

Panel 12

Roy: Well, that was weird.

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  • Green Means Go is the first strip referring to street light colors, preceeding Red Means Stop and Yellow Means Caution.
  • Roy's comment in the last panel highlights that the full-body flames is something markedly different than the normal green flames which have on occasion erupted from the Greenhilt Sword itself.

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