Greysky Area
A map of the Greysky City region.[1]
Greysky City
Races Human


Religions Church of Loki

Organizations in Greysky City

Greysky City is a nest of scum and villainy north of Azure City. The two primary features of Greysky City are the Thieves' Guild and a Church of Loki. Naturally, Haley grew up there before leaving the Guild.


City GuardEdit

The Greysky City Guard or police force, easily recognizable in their blue uniforms and gold badges, is as corrupt as the rest of the city. Bribery is common and little is done to quell the numerous criminal activities going on in the city.[2]

Thieves' GuildEdit

The Greysky City Thieves' Guild is the local thieves' guild, holding a tight grasp on power in Greysky City. For over two years the guild was lead by the cunning half-orc Bozzok after he got rid of the popular Ian Starshine. The Guildhouse is located on Back Alley Road.[3]

The current status of the guild after Bozzok's death in Tinkertown is unknown, as there is no clear line of succession for guild leadership and it leaves a power vacuum.

The MOBsEdit

A more "video gamey" criminal group, the MOBs are a mafia-type organization that was described by Hank as being worse for the sake of the people of Greysky than the Thieves' Guild.[4]

Known CitizensEdit


A typical day in Greysky City.


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