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Grukgruk is the Orc leader of the Orc island when Elan, Durkon, Daigo and Lien visited the island so that their fleet could trade with them.

When Elan presented Banjo, the Orcs started to worship the puppet and attempted to kill the visitors because they were not worthy to keep him. Lien did not manage to leave and was left behind to be sacrificed to Banjo; eventually the 3 men attempted to rescue her, only to then be captured themselves.

The Priest of Banjo, Vurkle, intended to sacrifice them all to Banjo, but Therkla impersonated Banjo and demanded to let them free. Qarr then hypnotized Grukgruk to control the orcs, only to be dispelled by Durkon.

Chief Grukgruk no longer cared that the prisoners had escaped, wishing only to live in peaceful worship of Banjo, until he realized the prisoners had escaped with Banjo and the tribe pursued them. Although the party managed to escaped by using Water Walk cast by Durkon, the Orcs resigned themselves to go back to worshiping the vague island that they lived on. Pitying them Durkon suggested that they worship an existing deity, such as Thor, by making amends and personal sacrifices. However Elan made the counter-offer of just going ahead and worshiping Giggles, God of Slapstick, brother and rival to Banjo, which pleased the Orcs to no end.

This allowed a friendly relationship between the two sides to begin, which was cemented by a pie-eating contest.

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