Haley's Self Loathing
Haley's Self-Loathing
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Haley's Self-Loathing was the personification of Haley's Self Loathing or low self-esteem. She appeared as a vision which only Haley could see and hear, along with many other manifestations of Haley's personality, although Self-Loathing was the most frequent visitor, principally during the period when Haley could only speak in crytograms.


No Cure for the Paladin BluesEdit

Due to Haley's love of the bard, Elan and her inability to express her feelings, but triggered by her emotional collapse following the destruction of her treasure after the explosion of the Weary Travelers Inn and Tavern, Haley lost her voice and began speaking in cryptograms.

War and XPsEdit

On a date with Elan in Azure City, her Self-Loathing appeared to her[1] and told Haley she must tell Elan her true feelings and stop hiding. She was resisted by a host of the personifications of other parts of Haley's psyche such as Haley's Optimism, Haley's Sense of Humor, and Haley's Latent Bisexuality.[2][3]

While on their mission to Cliffport, Haley remained unable to speak, and was heckled for this by Self-Loathing.[4]

Self-Loathing appeared again when Nale asked Haley out on a date. She correctly suspected that Elan was not himself, but Haley put her aside in order to take a risk on the chance of love.[3]It was this action that fulfilled the Oracle's prophesy[5] and led to her eventual catharsis at the end of the evening. She made her last appearance in Haley's mind at the end of the Battle of Azure City, when Haley realized that Elan had left on Hinjo's junk without her, and did her best to make Haley feel bad about herself.

Current ActivitiesEdit

Haley's Self-Loathing has not reappeared in Haley's mind since that time, although she did appear once as the "Low Self-Esteem Haley Starshine" action figure.[6]

Personality and Traits Edit

She appeared identical to as Haley did when she was fifteen and went by the name "Dark Mistress Shadowgale"—dyed black hair, black clothes and with goth-like views on life.[7] She always saw the negative side of things, entirely lacking in optimism. She had a strong will and was willing to fight for what she believes to be right. So far she saw little reason to return since Haley declared her love to Elan, only appearing once since then. As a figment of Haley's broken mind, Self Loathing's dialogue and Haley's answers to her were always translucent.


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