Hawaiian Love
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 184
Date published 23 May 2005
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"Spit and/or Swallow" "The Time Killers"
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Haley's still alive.

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Panel 1

The dragon vomits on Belkar, disgorging Haley.
Belkar: Ugh! What the hell is this? That goddamn stupid dragon! What is this? Corn?? What kind of dragon eats corn?
Vaarsuvius: That will do dragon, that will do.

Panel 2

Elan: Haley!
Haley: Elan...*cough*

Panel 3

Haley: Elan...I have to tell you something...before it's too late...
Elan: You can tell me anything, Haley.

Panel 4

Haley: I know I can, I don't know why I've been hiding it so long...
Elan: What is it Haley? What do you need to tell me?

Panel 5

Haley: Elan...I think I'm in love with y—

Panel 6

Durkon: Cure Critical Wounds!

Panel 7


Panel 8

Haley: —ukuleles

Panel 9

Elan: Come again?
Haley: I'm in love with ukuleles. Heh.

Panel 10

Elan: You mean the little tiny guitars?
Haley: Yup! Can't get enough of them, love that hula music.

Panel 11

Elan: Oh. Well I actually prefer my lute, as far as stringed instruments go. But, I guess whatever you're into is cool, too.
Haley: Yup, there's no accounting for taste.
Roy: Funny, that's exactly what I was just thinking.

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Trivia Edit

  • Vaarsuvius' "That will do" line is in reference to a line at the end of the 1995 film Babe when the farmer tells his pig "That'll do, pig. That'll do."
  • In the last panel, Roy lets on that he, like Vaarsuvius, is aware of Haley's romantic interest in Elan. This is also the first time that Haley has admitted it to herself, though she stops short when she is no longer mortally wounded.

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