The prison is attacked by Team Peregrine and the Azurite Resistance. All goblin "Dancing Light" alarm casts fail.

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Panel 1

Peregrine Commander and Top-knot climb over the parapet while invisible.

Panel 2

Peregrine Commander kills two goblins, "schtlart! shthunk!", Top Knotted Resistance Leader slashes hobgoblin browncloak #1, "schlursh!"

Panel 3

Peregrine Commander: Do not let him get a signal off, or we shall be swimming in wights!
Top Knotted Resistance Leader kills goblin browncloak #1, "slash!"
Hobgoblin Browncloak #1: Dancing Li—Ugh!
Hobgoblin Browncloak #1's spell dies with him, "fizzle!"

Panel 4

A second browncloak stands on the other tower of the prison with three archers.
Hobgoblin Browncloak #2: Dancing Ligh—
Peregrine Lieutenant shoots Hobgoblin Browncloak #2, killing him mid-spell.

Panel 5

Hobgoblin Browncloak #3: Dancing Lights!
Team Peregrine Wizard: Counterspell!
Eyepatched Resistance Leader is dropped on the tower by the flying Peregrine Wizard

Panel 6

Niu kills a hobgoblin, "wonk!", Pink Haired Peregrine member kills hobgoblin, "shlukt!"
Hobgoblin Browncloak #4: Dancing Knights!
Niu: Damn it!

Panel 7

Two dancing knights appear, "pop!"
Niu: Wait...

Panel 8

Dancing knights begin to dance to music, "♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪"

Panel 9

Goblin Browncloak #4: I, uh...
Goblin Browncloak #4: I may have skimmed the orientation packet.
The Dancing Knights prance off across the lawn, to their music, "♪♪♪♪♪♪"

D&D Context Edit

  • Dancing Lights is a cantrip (0th level) spell which creates up to four lights which move at the caster's command.
  • Dancing Knights is not a canonical D&D spell, but rather a pun on Dancing Lights, above.
  • A spell being cast can be canceled by another caster casting the same spell (or certain other spells) as a counterspell.

Trivia Edit

  • In #512, They've Had Time to Train, Too, the hobgoblins show that they have instituted a signaling plan using the Dancing Lights spell in order to warn the chain of command that an attack by the Resistance is under way. When the signal was successfully sent out in that comic, Tsukiko and Black Squadron arrived in short order. Here the Resistance shows that they have adapted to this contingency, and eliminate all the spellcasters before they can cast the spell.
  • The title of this strip is a reference to the 1994 Kevin Smith's 'Clerks' movie's main protagonist catchphrase.

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